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I just LOVE the work that Allison Aruta does! Not only because her designs are so earthy and beautiful, but because so many of her products are associated with great causes. Allison was recently honored by the Long Island Press for her charitable work through her jewelry company. I was lucky enough to be one her guests and left the evening in tears and totally inspired to give back somehow. That’s why I’ve been posting more charity links as of late.When I was in the hospital, Allison made me a bracelet like this that said “Stay Strong”. And when times were tough (and they got tough) I would hold onto the bracelet to calm myself down. I will never forget that.The contest design created by Allison Aruta was inspired by Five for Fighting’s music and band-sponsored charity site. The handcrafted silver piece is engraved with the lyrics “History Starts Now,” from the FFF song “World.”


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