The Fall Heard ‘Round The World

You remember don’t you? It was only a few weeks ago. The day that little Sean fell out of his high chair. Well, here are the pictures of his little wound. Poor fella! Britney Spears is definitly holding on tight in these shots.
Source: Boomtastic


  1. unknown456 says


    June 08, 2008.
    Marshall Mathers and Alvin Nathaniel Joiner meet and bedded a then 38 year woman named Leslie Bautista in 2002 backstage at the Continental Arena where they allegedly participated in a threesome in exchange for songs.
    The woman went on to have sex with over 10-15 other men in each of the camps of the rappers (most without protection), not telling them she was infected with the HIV Virus allegedly since the year 2000. The woman returned to the arena alone a second time only to be physically assaulted by a man who was in the act of having sex with her when he noticed a yellow and white discharge with an extreme odder coming from the woman’s vagina. She was repeatedly punched in the face, slapped, choked and told never to return again. Amidst the once failing health of the rap star one can only suspect if this maybe the reason why.

    The Dominican Born Former Brooklyn New York Resident Now Resides Between Long Island City New York and California. Where she Frequents Rap Concerts in search of having sex with celebrities.
    This woman could have possibly infected more people including myself. I have to let other men know who she is and that she is acting out recklessly by presenting false test stating that she is negative when in fact she is Positive.


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