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I’m Not Obsessed is a celebrity gossip website featuring pop culture news and paparazzi candids. Content is updated seven days a week and several times a day. Currently, the website receives over 6 million page views a month with just under 70% of our traffic coming from the US and Canada.

I’m Not Obsessed is a safe website for readers to access while at work or amongst children. It is our policy to keep the content and images clean so that all viewers can feel comfortable while getting their daily dose of gossip, fashion finds, beauty reviews and fitness tips.

Get your gossip… without the guilt.

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The NY Daily News – September 2009

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Most recent mentions:

  • WPOR 101.9 Weekly Gossip Interview – (2009 -)
  • Fox News highlights INO as a successful gossip blog (Air time – March 2009)
  • E! Entertainment interview regarding celebrity deaths (Air time March 2009)
  • NBC features INO as a fashion blogger for Fashion Week. (Sept 2008)
  • E! Entertainment interview regarding celebrity mug shots (August 2008)
  • Pregnancy and Newborn Magazine features INO as their choice for best Mommy Blog (August 2008 – see scans above)
  • Celebrity gossip contributor to the Wendy Williams daytime talk show (07/29/08 – )
  • Radio mention on Long Island’s K JOY (07/?/08)
  • CBS interview- celebrity expert on Jennifer Lopez lawsuit. (06/28/08)
  • Blog Radio Interview with Loose Lips NY
  • Kathy Griffin’s My Life on the D List features INO as an outlet that covers her. (04/11/08)
  • LI BIZ covers INO for a second time. (03/28/08)
  • Radio Interview with 106.1 WBLI about INO
  • Newsday specifically covers INO as a clean gossip source. (3/26/08 – see scans above)
  • Channel 2 News (CBS) does a story on INO after reading it on Newsday 3/26/08

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    “the sponsor ad against PETA is absurd and obviously a fake…who says “i can has lethal injection?” if they are going to spread lies they can at least learn proper english.”

    Do yourself a favor and google “lolcat”. The grammar is intentionally incorrect, as “I can has” is a part of that internet meme, which the ad is parodying.

    Also, they aren’t spreading lies. The ad asserts that PETA euthanizes thousands of dogs and cats every year. On PETA’s own site they admit this is true, although they downplay it by implying that all of the animals are diseased or dying.

  4. heather says

    the sponsor ad against PETA is absurd and obviously a fake…who says "i can has lethal injection?" if they are going to spread lies they can at least learn proper english.
    why are you even advertising for them?

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  6. yawn says

    Its refreshing to see a site that is not all about reacting negatively to each little story or rumor =)

  7. nikki says

    question. i was on google and found a before and after picture of angelina jolie with and without her big lips. the pic was linked to this site and i was just wondering if there are any more photos of that sort on this site. thanks

  8. Lauren Levy says

    Hi there,
    It’s no secret that trying to make sense of Britney Spears’ erratic, self-destructive behavior has quickly become a national past-time, offering endless water cooler convos and late night TV gags. Her downward spiral has played out in front of a confused nation, every irrational moment captured by unrelenting paps and poked fun at by various media outlets.
    In light of her recent 5150 debacle, this week’s PEOPLE magazine is finally revealing the real story behind her downfall — bipolar disorder. “The images of her from the ambulance startled everyone who knows her,” one PEOPLE source claimed, “Her actions suggest classic bipolar behavior, including hypersexuality, poor judgement and impulsivity…she looked manic.”
    However, despite giving a famous face to this condition, psychiatry’s most misunderstood mental illness remains just that. For all of our Spears stalking, we know alarmingly little of the sickness she suffers from. Boasting an extremely high suicide rate, 5.7 million American adults have been diagnosed with the disorder to date.
    Terri Cheney, author of the new memoir, MANIC, also knows the awful truth about living with bipolar disorder in Hollywood. In between representing high profile clients (Michael Jackson and Quincy Jones, to name just a few) she kept her illness a secret…that is, until she could no longer hide or handle it’s devastating manifestations. After multiple suicide attempts, sexual encounters, run-ins with the law and broken relationships (sound familiar?), Cheney braved the road to recovery, becoming a successful writer and quite the mental illness expert. While Spears’ actions seem bizarre to us, Cheney can easily decode them — recognizing them for what they are, and not what they appear to be.
    If you’d like to get both professional and first hand insight into Spears’ dark disorder, offering some knowledge with your witticisms and gossip, I’d love to put you in touch with her. Hope to hear from you soon!
    — Lauren

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    Love the gossip that is put on here! If you need to know about the latest celebrity happenings, your site is well updated! and with great detail! I’m so glad that you guys set this up, brilliant idea, and great work you guys!

  10. says

    You guys definitely have the juiciest gossip! And I love how fast you manage to get your hands on them! I loved the article about Mariah Carey and her boy, that enlightened me a lot about what I didn’t know! brilliant site! :)

  11. Death says

    Hi Vera,

    Are you thinking of adding RSS sindication capabilities to INO? It would allow surfers to keep in touch with latest updates quickly and easily. I know I’d really love to see it ;)
    Angie on Alberta Stars

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    I think you are doing a fabulous job with this, I’ve read some of your articles and I find them fascinating, mainly because most of the gossip published is actually true and not the kind that is just put for other reasons!

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