Lauren Must Be Kicking Herself Right Now!

Lauren Conrad and Jason Wahler from The Hills are DUNZO! I could have told her that was going to happen months ago. I was so pissed when she didn’t go to Paris for that FANTASTIC internship. She missed out on such an amazing opportunity for a BOY. COME ON! But we all have done something like this haven’t we? When I was in High School, a bunch of my friends went to Spain for two weeks and I didn’t go because I didn’t want to leave my ghetto-a*&, loser boyfriend for that long. To this day I regret it with every ounce of my BEING! But I’m not bitter (I swear). Better luck next time Lauren. You’re too good for him anyway.
And if you care about Kristin Cavallari – she broke up with her man too. Click here for more info.