Now We Know Why Kristin Cavallari Dumped Brody

When Ted Casablanca ran into Brody Jenner he confessed that he is a huge fan of Kevin Federline’s music. That alone warrants a break up FO’ SURE! Kristin Cavallari probably came home one day and found him listening to Kevin’s album. I think it would have hurt less if it was a naked girl in his bed instead. I didn’t realize there were people out that that actually liked KFED’s rapping style. You learn something new everyday folks.

“Love it, I absolutely love it,” waxed Brode-babe. “I’m a huge fan of Kevin’s. He’s actually my next-door neighbor, and it kills me to see all the negative press this guy gets. He’s really a family man, and he’s an unbelievable person and human being.”
“He’s good–wait till you hear his album. You guys are gonna lose your minds. I actually got the opportunity to hear it yesterday.”(source)