Did Heidi Klum Get A Nose Job?

I don’t really see it but the people over at the JJB think it might be true. I think it has a lot to do with shadows and make up.Do you think Heidi Klum got her nose done?




  1. says

    Heidi Klum always looked like she had a nose job ever since she starting hosting Project Runway. It’s just way too thin to be real; but, it looks good on her. I do think that she also has had a brow lift, based on that picture.

  2. Jessa says

    I liked her before I found out she was a hypocrite. She bashes on plastic surgery and then gets her nose and boobs done.

    Yes, that’s a nose job. It will become more and more obvious the older she gets (like all nose jobs). And if you’re a lingerie model who likes to pose nude for certain publications – why would you put down augmentation and then do it yourself? Did she think it would go unnoticed?

    Not to mention that everything she does is now entirely photoshopped.

    I hope her next kid is born via c-section. If THAT scar magically disappears, will she still hold her stance about plastic surgery?

  3. JC says

    I think she did. If you look at her when she guest appeard on Sex in the City several years ago and now look at her, it’s clear that something has changed and yes it’s her nose.

  4. Passerby says

    She def had a nose job. Check out season 1 versus season 4. Huge diff. Don’t act like you don’t know!

  5. plastic-phobe says

    That is def a nosejob. Her nose was nice before and had character…now it is out of proportion to her face. What a dumb move, she didn’t exactly have an aquiline nose before…but now it is too thin in the center and it is screaming plaaaaaaaaastic!!!!

  6. dingo says

    i doc care, she is anyway cool!
    But only thing that i dont like aboput celebs-why you just cant admitt that you have had plastic surgery!
    its not fair, for man kind!

  7. Nino says

    Yes, she definitely made a nose job, and she has now uglyier job that she had before. Stupid Heidi, she had better job before. No her job is too short like a monkey

  8. Nino says

    I forgot to mention that I always considered her ugly-nosed, and did not know that she was such a beatiful with old nose

  9. HandsomeElvis says


    That is not a natural nose. She also has had obvious breast implants, despite professing to not want plastic surgery.

  10. Anonymous says

    Her nose was so beautiful before. Now he nose looks fake and way too small, and when she smiles, it’s even uglier than before.

    Of course we know she’s stupid. She’s had babies with a black man.


  11. Anonymous says

    Your comment was disgusting. How can you think like that in today’s world? Disgraceful.

  12. Anonymous says

    I would be the proverbial farm that she indeed did – have a look at her earlier pics and the now pics – a bird-like nose – tiny.