Love It Or Hate It? Beyonce’s Polka Dot Dress

I have to tell you… I like Beyonce’s dress but I don’t think I could pull it off. It really isn’t my style but I like the way it looks on her. What do you think? Here she is at Nobu in London. I guess she decided to go to the UK after all.




  1. Kayla says

    Beyonce is pretty and she has alot of guts because she doesnt shake in scaryness on stage

  2. k.tempah says

    Beyonce will always look great no matter wat she wears. she sooooo talented i love her to bitz and all ya haterz should just keep ur silly comment to ur self about size 8 is fat plzzzz !!! love u beyonce ur the best , i hope one day i will be able to see u stay bless and keep doin wat ur doing nuf loveur:#1 fannnnnnn

  3. Ire says

    Does anyone know who makes this dress? Not sure I can afford it, but I love it and it’s worth a try.

  4. Anonymous says

    Well First Of All I Have To Say Mrs.Carter There Are ALot Of Haters Out Here And If You Want people To Think More Of You Here Is My Advice:
    1.Stop Acting Like A Narsitic Over Previlliged Brat
    2.Stop Commenting On Your Marriage And Your Life
    3.Tone It Down A Little Not Everyone Takes$1,000,000.00 Vacations
    4.Stop Playing Parts In Movies With Icon Legends Without Them Even Knowing You (Etta James).
    5. Stop Acting Like Your Some Diva And Maybe People Will Belive It When You Say Your Not.
    6. Keep In Mind Some Girls Out Here Imulate You ,Set A Good Example
    7.Always Remeber There Will Always Be Haters
    8.BE REAL ABOUT YOYRSELF! Don’t Do Always This Fake Stuff.
    9.Carry Yourself Better

    And Your Husband Is Talented Refering To Your Comment About How He Can Get A Crowd And You Had To Work on It.
    Act Like Lady And Just See How Much More Postive respones You’ll Get
    GOOD LUCK In Your Marriage And I Hope Whatever It Is That Is That Is Creating You So Much Grief Can Be Worked Out Been You And J . Communication Is One Of Fundamental Importants In A Marriage. DONT TELL THE MEDIA Keep Between You And J Only (Not Friends ,Not Family) They Will Betray You.



  5. Anonymous says

    Yall Are So Freaking Stupid Bout Size 8 Is Fat…Yall Are Just Jealous Of Her She Looks Good No Matter What Happens Or What She Wears…She Looks So Cute In This Dress…I Just Wanted To Say I Love, Love, Love Beyonce…Im Like So Freaking Obsessed With Her And I Dont Care What NoBody Says I Always Have And I Always Will Love Her…My One Wish Is To Meet Beyonce Before I die…People Keep Hating On Ms. Knowles Because She Has It All She Beautiful, She’s Talented (She Can Sing, She Can Dance And She Can Act) , She’s Intelligent And Very Creative…Best Of Luck To You Ms. Knowles In Your Marriage, Career And EveryThing…God Bless

    Your #1 Fan

  6. ilovebeyonce.<3.;] says


  7. says

    i love beyonce she is the bomb she has everything that kids need to no they can make it. IM HER #1 FAN FUCK ALL YALL HATERS

  8. hooo says

    beyonce looks huge and fat in this picture. i thought she was trying to lose weight? shes like a 8 in this picture. the dress would look good on like a 4 or 2

  9. ilovebeyonce.<3.;] says

    how the fuk does she look fat ? :O
    you should’ve gone to specsavers m8. !!!!!!!!!!

  10. b says

    i think it looks good on her. after all, almost everything looks good on her. she is real beautiful.

  11. sinazo says

    i love beyonce so much and she looks good in every thing and the hatars are just jelous.

  12. Cecy says

    Good Point me being a size 6 myself i must say a size 8 is not fat! for the record the dress is nice its not her best but it works for her

  13. Anti-Rude-HATERS says

    You freaking suck!
    She is the queen and you need to get over it.
    Jealousy is a disease, GET WELL SOON!

  14. alexis says

    beyonce is the best and she look good in that dress and everybody who hatin is just jealous