Is Karrine Steffans The Real Reason Behind Whitney Houston’s Decision To Divorce Bobby Brown?

The NY Daily News is reporting that Bobby Brown is staying at the Beverly Hills home of Karrine Steffans, Bill Maher’s ex-girlfriend. Karrine insists that she had no part in the breakup of the marriage saying, “I can’t break up a 16-year marriage in a few months. I’m not that super.” If I were Bobby, I wouldn’t put all my eggs in Karrine’s basket because she insists that Bill is the love of her life and promises she will end up with him. If she seems familiar to you, she is also known for being the best selling author of Confessions of a Video Vixen.”

Word is Brown has been staying at the Beverly Hills home of Steffans – and that she was with Brown in L.A. on Tuesday when Houston’s process server slapped him with divorce papers. “It’s not like Bobby didn’t see this coming,” says a buddy who’s talked with Brown. “He and Whitney hadn’t been living together for months. But it was a blow. He said, ‘Let’s get some beers. I need to gather my senses.'” Steffans refuses to talk about the split.
“It’s not my place to speak about their marriage,” says the author of the best-selling “Confessions of a Video Vixen.” “It’s not a happy time.” “Bill and I have discussed Bobby,” she laughed. “But Bobby is not an issue in my relationship. I still love Bill. He’s the love of my life. I know you’ll see us back together.” (source)




  1. john says

    oh my god, i have no idea how someone as smart as bill maher can date a ho like her. She is daydreaming when she says that they will get back together. Bill is not the kind of guy that will commit to anyone. If he has waited 51 years to get married, i think there is a reason. He has been now rumored to be dating a French girl. who knows, maybe his new bimbette du jour.