Dane Cook Admits No Truth To Simpson Romance And Jessica Lands A New Movie Role

Isn’t it ironic that while ‘Employee of the Month‘ was doing it’s press rounds and rumors began to swirl about Dane Cook hooking up with Jessica Simpson – no one tried to stop them? Now that the film has been released and everyone stopped caring about the fake relationship, Dane has come out to say that there never WAS a relationship. Hmmnn, smells like a way to stretch out press to me.

“When there are lies, speculation or rumor, you can never fight it,” he explained. “To walk away from it and let it be helps things die out quicker.” (source)

In other news, Jessica Simpson told reporters that she has signed on to do a remake for ‘Working Girl‘ The new movie, titled ‘Blond Ambition‘ has Luke Wilson as her love interest. Jessica knows that she will get linked to Wilson romantically once filming begins. So she has already started toprepare herself for the press.

She’s already anticipating rumors of a Wilson romance: “I’m preparing myself for the tabloids’ next covers.”