Pictures Surface From The Paris Hilton / Shanna Moakler Fight

I am reposting the break down of the Paris Hilton / Shanna Moakler fight in case you missed the post this morning. Now all we need is the VIDEO.
HOLY SMOKES! There is so much drama I have to break it down. TMZ is reporting that Shanna Moakler (Travis Barker’s ex) and Paris Hilton got into a fight at Hyde.

  • Paris Hilton and Shanna Moakler end up at Hyde together on Wednesday night.
  • Shanna approached Paris.
  • Cursing and screaming began.
  • Shanna PUNCHES PARIS in the mouth. Paris never had a shot.
  • People come and remove Shanna from the club.
  • Paris went to the LAPD to file a report.
  • Shanna went to file a report against Paris AND Stavros who poured a drink over her head and shoved her down some stairs!





  1. Brook says

    Way to go Shanna!! I hate girls like Paris always trying to take someone elses man she needs to back off. Besides Shanna Is way prettier that Paris Hilton ever thought about being. I love you Shanna

  2. NeverEnvy says

    Fuck dat bitch Paris dats is what she gets for being a HOE! I down with Shanna all the way!!!

  3. kristina says

    So funny that she is still trying to find out about Travis after she got her A$$ beat!! Leave them alone you home wreaker!!
    I love the Barkers

  4. chorty23803 says

    Paris needs a good as beating always with some one elses guy that just says shes easy and sleezy great going Shanna