Avril Lavigne Parties With Her Friends

Avril Lavigne looks like she had an amazing time with her buddies as she flips off the paparazzi and gets carried to her car. Click on the “read more” link below to see the rest of these unflattering pictures.





  1. xxKrystal says

    Flag 1 min ago
    "How can you like a prep like that?
    Sticking pompoms in your face?
    Wearing pink all the time?
    She sucks! She doesnt even listen to cool music!"Cant you see?
    She likes cheerleading, bubble gum andpop music That sucks!! Why dont you go for someone A little more like me??
    Perhaps, someone who is me??

    Look at thoose lyrics form her Song yet she is one i jhate her she is a descrace to canada my country seriously her lyrics are just yuck.She has changed soo much and she is there influcentcingCheating in That song And girl friend i almost gaged reading theese i have nothing aganist preps and all but Avril Why? your old music was so much better it spoke to people.WHY?