Cisco Adler Gave Mischa Barton A Diamond Promise Ring

Cisco Adler has given Mischa Barton a promise ring… and it’s gotta big ol’ diamond in it. She wears the ring on her right hand and has told her friends that it represents the promise of an engagement. Or is it the promise of a promise of engagement. Why is this news?

Mischa’s been flashing it to all her friends, saying “Look at my promise ring.” She wears it on her right hand so it’s not an engagement ring – yet. It’s a promise to get engaged. Actually it’s more of a “compromise ring.” (source)




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    People are going on and on about the lack of ability to do background processing in an iPhone app. Gruber counters the flow (and may be right), but I can’t help but wonder if maybe Apple has something else up their sleeve?

    I may be out to lunch, but it’s possible that the iPhone’s TCP/IP stack (or its select equivalent) is able to hold connections open in an event-ish way. Really this is all that’s needed in most cases, some sort of continuity for applications like IM. Full background processing is a bad idea on a quality phone/mp3 player, but some sort of compromise may just do the trick.

    Here’s hoping Apple has something like this in mind.