Book A Celebrity For Your New Year’s Eve Party

Have a few extra hundred thousand dollars hanging around your house? Are you dying to cut open that mattress and spend wildly on unnecessary things? Well, have I got the list for you! Us Magazine polled event planners and got the low down on celebrity bookings.

  • Mariah Carey private performance – $1,000,000
  • Usher private performance – $1,000,000
  • Dr. Phil speech – $750,000 – $1,000,000
  • Nicole Kidman party appearance – $500,000 + jet
  • Jessica Simpson private performance – $400,000
  • Scarlett Johansson party appearance – $200,000
  • Demi Moore party appearance – $200,000
  • Nick Lachey party appearance – $100,000 (negotiable)
  • Pam Anderson party appearance – $75,000 – $250,000
  • Adrian Grenier private performance with band – $35,000
  • Tara Reid party appearance – free (just kidding) – $10,000 – $50,000




  1. Bob says

    If i hade an extra million i would give it to A Ray of Hope Homeless Shelter in Kalispell Montana. They are taking care of homeless in Montana.

  2. says

    Anyone who thinks this is great is out of their mind. These celebs have everything(not that I am jealous) and they want to get paid for making an apperence that would only be like 30 minutes out of their lives. this is so sickening.

  3. Naj says

    There are prostitutes out there that are better looking than Jessica Simpson and Mariah Carey, why would I pay one million to look at some fake tits and listen to a fake personality. Am I even allowed to touch for one million.

  4. Cassie says

    This is the most stupid thing of 2006…. why in the world if you are already paying them a lot of money by watching the movies they are in, why then would you still pay them half of what they make making a movie to have them appear at your own party, in which they will just be there for 5-10 minutes and then leave. If anyone really thinks that will help them sleep at night they are sure mistaken, you are helping them sleep at night with more expensive covers than yours. Good luck to those who really do spend that money on stupid people who pretty much munch of all of us and we are stupid enough to actually give them fame.

  5. vic says

    take my advise …save that money and spent it on yourself or probably on other needy people. dont be stupid to spent millions on celebs who wont even remember your name…judge your on stupidity.

  6. says

    Ok.. if I had a million dollars to spend on someone for a party I am pretty sure I could be friends with that person…

  7. says

    I would love to have Marah Carey perform a few songs
    at a private party. What an experience for the guests…a "once in a lifetime" moment for their memory books!

  8. Danny says

    Thats so freakin cool lol, pricy yea but just the fact that it is possible is pretty sweet. Imagine being super rich and having them all appear at once, madness!

    a side note here, rofl to the tara reed, only 10 grand compared and all that, thats too funny

  9. chris says

    Yep this shows, what our society has become, a bunch of superficial, over paid celebrities, under paid military that give there lives for those that for got how they became who they are. If you have this kind of money to fork out, why not give it to those who really need it, as this is the holiday season.

  10. Dan says

    if my kid loved Usher and wanted it for her party, i would drop a $1mil on it… she gets 20 free guests, everyone else has to pay. and yeah, he better be sticking around a few hours after the show to talk to guests, sign autographs, and take pictures.

  11. Miker says

    Hey Apres, funny how you go to correct them on how the spelled the word "appearance" and you got it wrong too. They spelled it "apperance", not "appearence" as you put. DUHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH

  12. CAPT KIRK says


  13. Adam says

    One of my good Navy friends paid a couple of Girls to come to his party. But then everybody got lap dances for free. I wonder if Maria is offering the same deal?

  14. Jawjack says

    You people need to get off your butt & make some money. Quit complaining about what others have or how they make money. Go out & get some for your own pocket. The last statement is the best statement out of this whole page.

  15. Kirstyy dah nxt BIG CELEB x lol x says

    nt bein funi lyk but lauren hu eva yerh r,,,,,yu seriousli need your head testing koz hu eva actualy duz get a celeb at ther party den daht party wud be amazin,, i mean hu in deh world wud say it wud be lame wen yu no very well daht it wud b so fab! party ov deh sech! The best party in the world wud hav 2 hav a celeb goin 2 it!!!!!!

  16. Lauren says

    If someone was actually stupid enough to rent a celebrity, that party must be really lame.

  17. hiba says

    hey guys just asking the ppl who booked the jonas brothers how they contacted there manager?? i want to get them for my sisters 18 birthday (u know to make it special and all)! well if you know, email me at!

  18. says

    Many celebrities are nice in person and some just seek the money to show up to any event or productions. That is just the Hollywoodland style

    If you want to see FREE celebrities just get into the hot night club and lounges.

    Enjoy everyday * Locations and Rental Services

  19. lucas says

    I think 100,000 is pretty cheap for a celebrity. I was looking in between the range of 200 to 400 thousand for my son

  20. lucas says

    I think 100,000 is pretty cheap for a celebrity. I was looking in between the range of 200 to 400 thousand for my son. He wants kanye west

  21. Anonymous says

    I had an awesome Mariah Carey Lookalike at my wedding, She was the best lookalike ever and sooo close I had some fooled! and was amazing the guests with every moment. My guests, friends and family still talk about it to this day and many though I had Mariah at my wedding .I looked and looked and looked but was sooo happy! She was a gem of a girl and fun to hire..Check her out I think you can google her by typing mariah carey lookalike, i dont remember her direct info, BUT MUCH FUN!!!!!!!!! and I recommend having this one at your party or whatever ..

  22. lady pink says

    wow. why pay $1,OOO,OOO for a [normal person] to come to your party? they aren’t even that important. all they do is sing/dance. if i was oprah, i wouldn’t even pay this much. this is ridiculous. like seriously. $1,OOO,OOO !? — umm, how about a [new car] instead? =]

  23. notMyMoney says

    I wouldn’t pay that much for any of those celebs, the most i’d say they’re worth 100k for a performance, otherwise pay them to smooch? hell no.. Oh except for Mariah Carey, of course! Now Mariah Carey is worth the $1mil, i’ve heard her in concert and for a private show, I would pay $10mil! She’s amazing

  24. Rob C says

    Apres Ski needs to use the grammer checker when she tells folks to use the spell checker.

  25. taylor s says

    i dont even understand the point of having a celebrity at ur party, what would they do?!

  26. Bobaloo1st says

    I will come to your party for lets see now…….$2500.00 call and let me know when and where.I mean I can eat your food and drink your drinks and you can pay me for it, not a bad deal eh?

  27. shea says

    That is got to be the dummest thing I have ever heard. People that rent a celeb. must have too much money and cant think of any better way to spend a million dollars….. UHHH what is the world coming to??

  28. UbetterKnow says

    The only girls that I pay to come over involve dancing and clothes flying off. The prices for Jessica, Demi even Mariah are outrageous. I can order up a couple dozen chicks for that(Not to mention waaaaaaaayyyy better looking!!!!!!!!)

  29. Valerie says

    I agree with "Angelica" in her statement. The celebs ONLY have all the pretty little things life offers to celebs because of their fans. To charge that much money for someone who wants you to come to their party is just flat out rude! I can see the host paying for the transportation and if you are looking for that celeb to "entertain" them yeah charge a reasonable ammount for theat service, but as far as the non singers go….what are the actors gonna do?? Act out a part of a movie for you? that is just stupid to charge so much when all they will be doing is showing off their hottness and acting bored haha! Can you actually see Demi Moore chating with your guests and busting a groove on the dance floor? Most of them would be checking their watches the whole time waiting for their time to be up so they can go back to their billion dollar homes.

  30. rav says

    i dnt get why celebritys are so greedy for their fans money. They should be honoured to perform for them as they are nothing without them. who would buy their records if it wasnt for us guys. cant u celebs lower the price mayb to 1 thousand at the maximum. its better then a million dollars for a 1 minute performance

  31. Al says

    I am a firm believer that spelling is inversely proportional to intelligence. Who ever wrote this must be brilliant.

  32. says

    seem like everyone has money and likes to flaunt it around, i tell ya what want u bastards share the wealth and help the ones that cant be helpd forget the movie stars and there bullshit they make enough as is, they dont need nothing from it, its not like there going to rememeber you anyway so why waist ur time seeing this person for 15-30 mins if that. again when u spend 10-500K on something so stupid you going to be like why did i do that i could have used that for something more important in my life, hummm bunch of fuckin loosers. i say get a life get in the real world, the fantasy life is nothing but fake and a hollywood make over towards the ppl who beleave there unstopable. lol try again, i tell ya what get a reality check and then ask ur self the same question is this really worth my time hummmm
    bunch of lamers

  33. jackson says

    this whole site is stupid… get yourself partially famous for something good and invite some celebs who would support your cause to your party or at least meet w/ them first so they actually know who you are instead of paying a ridiculous amt of $ for a 5 min appearance

  34. Soopaman says

    First of all, if you have that kind of money to spend, chances are you probably know somebody that knows somebody who can get the chick to come over for free.

  35. Mark says

    This is funny. Minus the wrong spelling of "appearance" not "apperance." can i have your job?

  36. kenkefwan says

    Dont even go that far, i need money like crazy i need to pay my debts . i can be appear in any of you parties just pay me 5 grand so i wont get those calls from my visa bank lol

  37. sm3 says

    OMG give me a ride to your party and ill do my "appearance"? i mean what the heck…i get to drink, eat, and have fun all night long, also probably get laid in a party like that.

  38. says

    I love Mariah carey, but for her to charge 1mil. Its absolutely outregous i couldnt believe it if i had that $ I would give a lot to my parents for supporting me and giving me what i wanted and give the rest to people who really need it isnt that what this holiday is about

  39. Anonymous says

    I would probably book nicole kidman, just to have an opportunity to rid the world of that narcicistic bitch. I hate her.

  40. says

    Totally agree with Star on the inflation comment. Buzz=Celebrity. No buzz no fame. no fame nobody cares. I for one would not look twice at a celebrity, im nobodies groupie.

    happy holidays


  41. drow mage says

    I would probably book nicole kidman, just to have an opportunity to rid the world of that narcicistic bitch. I hate her.

  42. candace says

    why rent a celeb for a party when your gonna be with a buncha friends and prolly ignore them ne ways with talking ,and if you get it for a sweet 16 party thats just rubbing it in other peoples faces "o i got a celeb for 347,653,475,785 $ omg betcha you cant afford that "thats wrong put the money towards something useful or give half to a charity instead of having a celeb for 1 night and wasting all that money

  43. ChiTown says


  44. says

    Nick Lashey is worth that grand, but Usher?! I know he could sing, but he has a nose like a Smurf! Nick on the other hand, is easy on the eyes.

  45. The truth says

    I think they should be a shame of themselves!!!! 1st of all we made them what they are and for them to charge a re-goddam-dicoulus price jus to look at them for 10 mins is the most money hungry thing i have ever heard of. This really changed how i felt about sum of them. A few i would expcet it out of them but Usher Nick and Jessica i did think highly of them but they lost a lot of my respect. And itz like they are selling themselves(little hookers).

  46. stupid celebs says

    man oh man, i agree with #96. and hell i would rather go to a u2 concert and get backstage passes, thats what I call a happy new year!

  47. says

    its sad that tara reid is so cheap i think she is Cool as hell and beautiful way more Down to earth then the rest of the bunch .. id rather have her over and over the any one else on the list ..

  48. Johnny... says

    At last they are fair enough to committee their price. The saying “… everything is for sale…” comes true in its own sense. The price include only the appearance or followed by night stand with the host? Is JLo in line?
    I would prefer all the beautiful babes having privet web sites. They are better in every way, the more money wise… and imagine the night stand through out the year…

  49. says

    With the Tara Reid showing up at your Celep party for the fee listed above, you should also make sure her rep understands that she must bring her own alcohol and you should have her sign a waiver negating you from any and all wrong doing should she have alcohol poisioning at the end of the night. If she doesnt bring her own alcohol take about 6,000 grand off, she can easily out drink any frat you have probably been associated with.

    As for the free sucky sucky, you wont have to try that hard. Tequila makes her clothes come off

  50. Rico says

    Just invite me to a cool party and I am there for free forgot the celeb.
    Happy New years all

  51. ... says

    This is the most retarted shit ever man. Only stupid people will spend that much just for a celebertiy to come -.-"

  52. dragonlance says

    If I had a million dollars to throw around. I rent a few rooms in vegas for me and my friends. Have a couple of limos to take us. We would have to party all the way. Take everyone to Dinner and buy Drinks all night, find a better looking girl then Jessica or Mariah, and still have over $800.000 left over to do it all over again. :)

  53. says

    Tara Reid always stays at my house and she pays me to let her bob on my knob…I wonder if mariah Carey is that talented to suck and sing at the same time….hmmm i wonder if tara would mind if i borrow a couple bucks to see.. 8P

  54. TOMMY BOY says

    And the only frikin way i would get a celeb like tara or jessica is only if i get to have hard core sex with them that night with my dick all in there mouth

  55. tim says

    if a super hot stripper costs 150 dollars an hour(plus tips of course). i would rent 10. 10×150=$1500. but lets say you want to keep them there all night for 6 hours 1500×6=$9000. thats only about nine thousand dollars. and if you promise them all great tips. then you can probably knock the hourly cost in half. so lets look at it about a grand total for the strippers at $4500 for 10 of them all night long. i also know some great up and coming rock bands that are dying to play somewhere. and if you promise them all free drinks all night long, i guarantee they will be more than happy to make accomodations to play at your event! you can even make your own line-up of bands. have bands play one after the other! wow! what a killer killer party for a fraction of the celeb price. im gonna go with my idea!

  56. says

    Yo f**k paying a celebrity to come to your party. Just get a bunch of disco biscuits to really get the party going. Celebs just talk about themselves all the time and do all your drugs anyway. I could throw one hell of a party for $100K.

  57. Ashleigh says

    So Paul Brandt will travel Canada playing for free and stick around for over 2 hours to sign autographs AND let everyone take their picture with him! Every other celebrity is just out for the money. Its a shame really. :(

  58. Ashleigh says

    Paul Brandt will travel Canada playing for free and stick around for over 2 hours to sign autographs AND let everyone take their picture with him! Every other celebrity is just out for the money. Its a shame really. :(

  59. RYan says

    these tricks is trippin with them prices they aint all that especially mariah carey fake ass

  60. Catherine( says

    what about any other celebs? besides I would never tell anyone I paid for them to be there…I would not be trying to make it look like I HAVE TO PAY FOR THAT?! besides MARIAH CAREY,USHER and maybe
    JOHN COUGAR-MELLENCAMP would be my choices. any of their friends would like to be there

  61. says

    ok this messege is for shea box number 13 ok if we had to much money we still wouldnt be spending any of it on you and as for renting a celebrity Id have sex with Nick Lachey hehe just because hes hot and yeah id pay his fee haha

  62. dick says

    I would like to have a fucked up party with like 2 or 3 people, lotsa drug use and when the bit@c walks in every one get naked and start offering her drugs and shit on the floor at her feet. WEEEEEEE…

  63. Trasher says

    Why bother with celebs when you can have me for $50, a case of beer, a carton or cigg and a metro card.

  64. Ehgie says

    Tara Reid, Paris Hilton, AND Jessica Simpson will all do "private performances" for you if you go to the right Hollywood club on the right night

  65. Sean says

    How much is Jesus, and will he be doing his magic act? if not then he is only worth about 20$

  66. Sean says

    How much is Jesus, and will he be doing his magic act? if not then he is only worth about 20$

  67. Lou says

    Lou says:

    Yes, I would do it "IF" they could prove they gave the money to a mutual favorite charity.

  68. Tony Jenkins says

    I remember when I went to Club Clear in New York in July of 2005, and Tara Reid was literally getting her ass licked in the corner. She has no shame!

  69. al says

    that is really stupid to waste your money on. donate it to dying people in third world countries or something.

  70. paul says

    Why would you pay ANY so called star to do anything. They are as human as you and me! Their shit stinks too! All of them are overated. Just think of them humans. Give them their space. Nothing more nothing less.

  71. lil tray E says

    shit if am going 2 pay that much for a celeb. 2 cum 2 my party she better be down to getting tha fuccing on 2 for as much money as they want to rent them

  72. molly says

    its exactly like high profile prostitution….minus heidi flyse and no happy ending…and ive never gotten a prostitutes autograph…

  73. Tom Tom says

    You can rent me in Tampa, Fl for $100. I will eat your food, drink your drink and take a dump in your toilet. In fact…as long as you feed me I will waive the $100 fee as long as I can get rid of the waste you give me…hehe

  74. says

    Okay if I wanted 2 go waste 1,000,000 dollars then I would spend it on somethin usefull, not a white-trash, brat 2 sing 4 me on New Years….I get enough pain fomr her CD!!!

  75. Brian says

    how much for;
    1. regis philbin
    2. tony danza
    3. bob barker…

    in a singing three man group? o wait tony isnt even a guy… any way, can i pick em up for a used piece of gum, some dryer lint, and a broken button?

  76. jennifer says

    Celebrities are just people, like the rest of us. They are performing a job that we all get to look in on. They live day to day like all of us, they wake up, brush their hair and their teeth and get married, have babies and guess what they even go to the bathroom!
    They are doing a job that they enjoy and get paid big bucks to do it.
    I would NEVER pay anyone to come to a party.
    That is not only embarrassing but also insulting.

  77. Jessica says

    HAHA i second on what patrick said!!! MICHAEL JACKSON !!!! YEAHHH =D probably a trillion dollars haha

  78. says

    I agree with the people who said, this site is just gaining hits. All these celebs have PLANS. What a non-creditable website. Cant even spell A-p-p-e-a-r-a-n-c-e right. What a wonderful society we live in.

  79. Maddy says

    how dare someone say Jews are:
    Don’t let Jews in your party…. cheap pricks!

  80. says

    who the fuck cares about the spelling really!
    and kevin b. why waste your college money for a 10 min. appearance by her. Its not like shall let you screw her.

  81. Nimster says

    Id have a celebrity if they paid me for it or for the pleasure my family jewels…other than that they are good for nothing.

  82. teri says

    I think this is all stupid!!! why would u wanna spend that much money on celebs when they can care less about u!!?! also there is sooo much more u can do with those prices, something actually worth spending.

  83. Marz says

    they should have a show where dr. phil is the guest and we question him on his hidden feeling and actions of whoring him self for a 3 min speech. how can you take his advise serious if he goes and charges those prices.

  84. Prince Phillip says

    How bout we pay for Jessica Simpson and Nick Lachey. The photos should make a profit.

  85. lizy zamora says

    what all that money for a celeberty to come to perfore. I can barley aford to take my grandmother out to dinner thet should be happy fans even buy their albums!!!!!!

  86. says

    I can get Tara @ my party for up to $50,000. Please someone tell me how. If she only knew me she would Love me. I just love loving her from a distance. Tara, come to me!!!

  87. BEN says


  88. Bri says

    how much did the jonas brothers cost??? and does any1 kno how much Miley Cyrus is??? cause my 14th is comin up and last yr was awsum but it needs to be btttr this yr!!! any1 kno??? jus e-mail me at thank yoo and looove yoo!

  89. jo says


    im living is S.A. well yeah im having my 18th party at the end of the year and want a celeb ill pay up to 2million dollars….so how do i book them?

  90. Rhino and Sausage says

    With 1, million dollars, go buy equipment (cameras, mics, and what not) get your horny friend and make a movie!!!

  91. Sarah says

    i think u should add bookings for the Jonas Brothers because my daughters r obsessed with them and they would die if i could get them to come to the party

  92. Traidizzle says

    how much would it cost for pretty ricky or chris brown to preform at my sweet sixteen

  93. Katherine says

    Dose anyone know how much it would be to have the jonas brothers perform for a privet party?

  94. Anonymous says

    oh boy. that has got to be the worst writting i have ever seen. you must be one big moron!