Will Ferrell Is Having A Boy… And I Want A Blackberry

The same day that Britney Spears made her appearance on The David Letterman Show, Will Ferrell admitted that he knows the gender of his soon-to-be baby. It’s a boy! This will be his second son. Will’s first son is named Magnus. I wonder what he is going to name the second one.

“You know, I don’t know if we do. I’ve gotta check my Blackberry.” He then explained, “Well, we do know, but I forget if we’re telling people. I told the Today show we weren’t telling them. But it’s a boy!” (source)

The Blackberry thing is making me crazy. More and more people are sending me emails and the tag line is “Sent via Blackberry”. It is especially hard being friends with Danielle over at CBB because that is the only way she communicates with me. It drives me wild! My birthday is Friday and I think I want one as my present. I can’t stand it anymore.