Tom Cruise / Katie Holmes Wedding Update: A Car Crash And A New Stylist

Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes got into a little car accident while on their way to their rehearsal dinner. Everyone is okay including the other driver.

“Tom and Katie sped off down a little alley, and there was a tiny silver Mini parked on the right-hand side of the alley,” says the witness. “The Mini was starting to pull out as the TomKat car was speeding down the alley. Tom’s car hit the front left-hand bumper.”
The collision left a deep foot-long scratch on the vehicle. The Mini’s driver, an Italian man in his early 30s, was visibly upset but unharmed. Says the witness, “He just had this look on his face like “I’m just trying to drive here!'”
When Life & Style approached the man, he responded in English with a strong Italian accent, “I’m OK. I don’t know what happened. This crazy world.” (source)

In other news, Katie Holmes has dropped her long time stylist Oscar Blandi for Jessica Simpson’s best pal, Ken Paves. I wonder if Ken is responsible for those pseudo bangs?

Ken landed yesterday in Rome, reporting for TomKat wedding duty, while Oscar is fully booked for appointments this weekend and has no travel plans, one insider tells Life & Style. Oscar did Katie’s hair for about 12 years, and then she introduced him to Tom and he did Tom’s hair on Mission Impossible III, says an insider close to Blandi.

“So there were all of these reports that he was doing her hair for the wedding, but he’s not,” the insider says. “He’s so bummed because he doesn’t know what to tell people. He’s not mad; he’s disappointed. He always did Katie’s hair. And for the last couple of years, he’s done Tom’s. He thought he was a sure thing to do this wedding. But he never got the call.” (source)




  1. suki says

    Not a very gracious thing to do to her stylist. A simple letter of goodbye and appreciation beforehand would have handled this easily. Not well played.

  2. kelly says

    yah, whats up with those mini bangs anyways? they look awful. she looks amazing, but the bangs…not so much!

  3. Hera says

    Hey, about those pseudo bangs….after I gave birth to my daughter my hair did the same exact thing. I think that your body is just so run down and your hormones are all over the place and your hair is just weak and it breaks like that. I had to wait and just let it grow out.

  4. Mara says

    The fake bangs are from her hair line breaking after giving birth. I had those little pieces on top after I had my daughter. After a woman gives birth her body goes through different hormonal changes and silly things like hair loss occurs…

  5. shar says

    I agree that the mini bangs are probably a result of after baby hair loss and regrowth. I got the same thing!