Jennifer Lopez To Be Spoofed In X Rated Film

Isn’t this illegal? Doesn’t Jennifer Lopez own her own image and likeness? Can’t she sue? This is horrible! A new X rated film called… are you ready for this… “J-Ho: Jenny on the [Rhymes with Block]” is spoofing Jennifer Lopez.

JENNIFER Lopez is about to be spoofed in a new porn flick that takes obscene liberties with her hit song “Jenny From the Block.” The XXX flick, titled “J-Ho: Jenny on the [Rhymes with Block],” will be an adults-only parody of her career. Playing J.Ho will be Jasmine Byrne, a Lopez look-alike who previously starred in “Britney Rears 3″ and “Angels of Debauchery.” “I always loved . . . J.Lo, doing her singing and acting and . . . I jumped at the chance to do it,” gushed Byrne. (source)




  1. JT says

    Actually she can file a suit, but more then likely it will get tossed as the only people making the reference to J-Lo is the media hypers.

    Besides, the names (and title) were changed [poetic licence?] to protect the innocent. Also, do you think Sly Stalone got pissed off and sued for the RAMBONE series? He probably enjoyed to irony.

  2. Slinky Pink says

    Patrice, no offense…but are you daft? The person of owns this blog used the phrase "rhymes with block" to keep her blog clean, more than likely.