Britney Spears In Another Up Skirt Picture

This is the third set of photos of Britney Spears without underwear getting out of a car. Doesn’t she realize that they make it onto the web the very next day? Can someone teach her how to exit a car without showing her lady parts? It’s just embarrassing. She is doing it on purpose. She wants all this negative press. Is she trying to get to Kevin Federline? Make him jealous in some way? I mean what is really going on? And why is it all revolving around her crotch?




  1. Maria says

    Brittney it is time to grow up!!! Ladies leave something to the imagination, for the love of God buy some panties and put them on before you leave the parking lot!

  2. laura says

    let her enjoy herself shes been taking her husbands shit for months, besides that kevin is just a golddigger all he wanted was her money, now he wants her kids ,what about the other kids he has with his EX. Why doesnt he want those kids too? cuz the ones with money are britneys

  3. Samantha says

    now that is just sick not to wear underware ! that is why they invented the thong and to get out of your car with your legs spread your skirt around your waist KNOWING you have no underware on is just plain sick and shows what type of class you are in

  4. Daisy says

    On, he has a few different pictures of her cooch when she went out with Paris. There is one where she is wearing that ugly black dress, and it shows her bare <strong>comment moderated</strong> and c-section scar. Gross. The other pictures look like she is covered up.

  5. Mary says

    She should be ashamed of herself. She has 2 children. Her children one day will see these photos. Her dad and grandfather are probably viewing these photos. She has no self respect. Shame on you Britney!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    You are nothing but a big COMMENT MODERATED.

  6. Samantha says

    now that is just an absurd comment any respectable man wouldnt want to see trash especially when your flashing a RASH down there thats just gross !

  7. Kip Redman says

    Oh no!! Britney Britney Britney. COMMENT MODEREATED
    P.S. It was all planned for publicity right.

    San Diego
    Kip Redman

  8. Anonymous says

    well i think that yes she should have watched her self and so sometimes i dont wear undies so what but i think that if she is not going ot wear undies then watch were your legs are thats all i have to say !

  9. Chance Britt says

    After driving a bus for the pop princess for 1 1/2 years …the Baby One More Time tour…All I have to say is she is the BEST! She is a VERY caring and loyal boss…She ALWAYS took care of her employees first. I really think she is just FINALLY getting to ENJOY life unlike you pricks who sit at home and do NOTHING but look for crotch shots…My advice to you guys is get to know someone before taking a media based opinion …or forming an ignorant one with NO basis…
    You go Brit and thanks for the memories…

  10. kristen says

    who cares people COMMENT MODERATED happends get over it!!! leave the poor girl alone!!!

  11. dan says

    well, they say she didnt have underwear but i have yet to see an "uncensored" photo, its all just a publicity stunt

  12. Jeff says

    lost all respect for her hangin with the slut Hilton then to top it off showing everything she had left. Her dignity

  13. carmen says

    i cant believe she would do this to her self, first it started with her image: she looked like <strong>COMMENT MODERATED</strong> in half her pictures, now finally she was getting better cause she got rid of that <strong>COMMENT MODERATED</strong> looser she was with and now she wanna show her clit to everyone, i guess if dat her way to come back into the publics eyes…now she looks a mess and like a damn<strong>COMMENT MODERATED</strong> like paris ugly <strong>COMMENT MODERATED</strong>

  14. Mark says

    If you want to find uncensored pictures, type in britney upskirt
    You see a lot so if you think it is a media ploy it is not
    She is very hot

  15. J.J says

    seriously Britney i think you need to get it together for your children. Please sit and think about how your action is affecting them in life, what they think about as a mother.

  16. Rapso says

    Alcoholz ur enemy no. 1 Britney,thats why all this behaviour comes out.Drink at home and sleep…

  17. says

    Ahhhh yahh Britt i used to like u but u got so baddddddd!!!=( i mean ur soooo cute and a good dancer and singer!! and fun i would love to have u as a big sis (if u werent so baddd) yahhh know

    well i lov u britteny !!!!
    lov erica

  18. says

    hey brit i used to like u but now ur baddd!!=(
    wat happen ??? i mean ur soooo cute and fun to hang out with (maybe i dont no u seem like it)
    and ur a wonderful dancer and singer!!
    i would lov 2 b ur lil sis!! yah know!!
    (if not so badd)
    well i still lov yah
    so lov ya britteny
    lov erica

  19. Antonia says

    Come on… this is part of a plan… maybe not a good plan but a plan just the same.

    People may say they are sick of her, however if that were true the paparazzi would not show up everytime she
    went someplace.

    She is building a new reputation of "hot. crazy, sexy party girl" so that her new CD which will be filled with hard hitting songs about love gone wrong and how hot she is HOT will sell sell sell.

    OK I admit I am guessing at all of the above but I think I am right :)

  20. says

    She looks high. She needs to slow down before Kevin has custody of their children, and she will have to pay him child support.

  21. My Turn says

    Ok we are all sick of the no panty shots, but can we talk for a second that she only wears the same damn pair of shoes every freaking day? Those damn black shoes with the little heart rinstone things. Hell does she not have enough money to buy a few new pairs of shoe?!?!

  22. Samantha says

    she is HIGH dummies LOL havent any of you had kids especially a CSection you get a nice hefty dose of pain pills afterwards

  23. Samantha says

    maybe in this pic but I SAW her VAGINA and RASH On another pic when she was with Paris at the club and the first night she went out she got drunk and removed her pants and danced all night in only her fish net stockings she has lost her mind and please post the website where you saw peachy underware cause I saw a twat and a Csection scar and they arent fake she really went all out and nasty

  24. Samantha says

    yeah maybe in this pic but not the OTHERS ! and where is the pic where you can see the underware Ive been looking everywhere ?

  25. Maria says

    Brittney it is time to grow up!!! Ladies leave something to the imagination, for the love of God by some panties and put them on before you leave the parking lot!

  26. says

    Omfg, she really needs help her, paris, and Lindsay lohan, like <strong>comment moderated</strong>! My gawd, Lindsay lohan went from Parent Trap child star to Pill Poppin slutty mc hoe

  27. Anonymous says

    There is nothing wrong with what she did. I love looking at her vertical smile. Yum Yum

  28. Liz says

    When someone has ugly saggy body parts…they need to keep it covered. Britney honey, there are surgeries to firm that ugly pus up since you want to show it off. Paris had it done and so can you. It’s called “Lip and Vagina Tuck”.

  29. Donna says

    Ok let me get this straight. Since Britney has two kids, getting a divorce and is being chased by the paparazzi is giving her the right to show her private parts…yeah right. I hate to see what she will do next after another baby and a divorce…pull a monkey out of her butt? Oh even better, become a school teacher and have sex with a 13 year old in her classroom.

  30. aintmisbehavin says

    Honey, we are not talking about Brit almost dropping her baby, driving her car with her baby on her lap or being chase by the paparazzi; we are talking about Britney exposing her private body part in public while going through a divorce and custody fight. If she didn’t want panty lines to show, cool but she should of kept her legs closed and her skits a little longer to keep her butt checks from hanging out. Exposing her private parts and partying for 9 days with the ultimate whore Paris is not good; especially when her husband is fighting her for custody.

  31. Sierra says

    CAN ANYONE TELL ME, on what website can I find Britney’s husband K-Fed exposing his private parts, getting drunk and hangout with the bad boy hell raisers for over a week…oh yeah there is not a website, he might be the one using better choices. Huh?

  32. Irene says

    Who cares if she dont wear underwear.Its her choice not any one eles.And she is famous who cares what everyone else thinks.

  33. taylor-lynn says

    thats freakin nastey! dont noone wanna see whats she got especially after she had a kid. and for the record kevin is ugly to and he dont want her!!!!!!!!!

  34. says

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  35. DDS says

    what da …. watta slut .. total whore …. shes doing that in purpose .. shes a 100% fucking whore

  36. Chris says

    wot a fucking Skank !!

    This is the only way that this fucking Swamp Donkey can get attention now.

  37. Taiwo Majoyeogbe says

    He or She who has no sin cast forth a stone!! We all have roaches in our closets its just that brittney is the one with the camera,s around her. Do not judge JESUS CHRIST loves us all….

  38. what up says

    why would she stop showing her self. It seems like she gets more attention when she gets exposed. Its a good way to get recognized.

  39. says

    i see you windin and grindin up on that pole why dont shut your mouth rite nowand suck my left testical thats if u grow your hair back u skank


    1] Britney wala naba na respecto sayo?
    1] Britney do you have respect for yourself?
    2] Bakit mo ba ginagawa mo to? nag kicare mo sa anak mo?
    2] Why are you doing this? dont you care for for your child?
    3] Ang pangit nang actions mo. gusto ko na ikaw na wala sa buhay kasi hindi mo alam nang gagawin mo. I HATE YOU!!!
    3] Your ctions are ugly. i wish youd die now because you dont know what to do with your life anymore. I HATE YOU!!!


    AND UGLY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    oh i almost forgot