Britney Spears Is A Bisexual According To Her First Husband

Britney Spears is bisexual? According to her first husband, every beautiful woman wants other beautiful women. Sounds like every man’s fantasy to me. Jason Alexander sat down with The Sun and opened up about his “relationship” with Britney. The fact that he feels he is an authority on Britney as an adult is laughable. But I will play along. Read below for his words of wisdom:

On Britney’s Sexual Preferences:

“All beautiful girls like other girls in some way. All girls are attracted to other girls. She found other girls attractive, yes, but we never did anything about it. Our relationship was about us. We just weren’t together long enough for that to come up really.” Then he teased: “That’s not to say that I don’t know anything about threesomes.

On Britney Getting Plastic Surgery After Giving Birth:

“She had a tummy tuck after the birth of her second child. She’s working on all of that. She’s worth hundreds of millions – ” of course she looks good.
“She has the money to have surgery and nutritionists and get her body back. And now she’s focused, she is doing it. She’s motivated – ” she just got rid of a man.”
On Her Career:
“Her negativity around Kevin at this point in her career had to go. She’s been out of the picture for two years and this is big business. She’s trying to come back, recording a new album. He refused to have any part of her life and was slowing down her career. She knows she has to get rid of all of that.”
On How He Is Better Than Kevin:
“He’s just a lucky guy who was in the right place at the right time. When I married her I knew she was rich but I did love her. I wanted her. If she had stuck with me it would have been so positive.”
To read what he has to say about Kevin, click on the continue reading link below:

On Kevin:

“I have always loved her and I always will. It’s best for everyone that Kevin and her have split. She is much more confident now.
“I was really shocked when she married Kevin. I figured it was a fling that would fly over. I never thought she’d marry him. He always seemed so negative.
“I am really surprised at the speed at which they had kids – ” but it has always been a matter of time.
“From what I understand, with all the stuff that’s gone on, the marriage has been unstable for some time.
“It’s been going downhill for a while. Nothing has changed or got better. They had problems before which they tried to work out but now it’s like they can’t sort it out.
“Their problems were because she had kids and that he wanted to pursue a career and was just never home.”




  1. SarahLund says

    It’s hilarious how people contradict themselves. They say how much they hate her, yet they never stop talking about her. I guess these types of people really DON’T know what they like. If you really hated her, you wouldn’t bother thinking about her. Get over your whiny selfs. Lmao

  2. Anne says

    Mellissa, only an idiot can surround her self with idiots, flies usually surround fieces!!!!!!!!!!! Britney is no better than these idiots flashing her c**t around

  3. Maximum Big Surprise says

    Yup, I agree. This is a girl who stole a man away from his pregnant girlfriend. She has no class, no tact and no brains.

  4. Melissa says

    Yeah I know

    It is just so sad—I feel for her–I think she is very insecure and lost.
    I mean she is still very young–I think she is pretty dumb though—and people just take advantage of that. You would think she would learn something by now!
    She seems like the type of girl who is very easily manuplitated–so sad =(

  5. tam says

    i think britney spears i a good person and if she is really bi she could holla at me anytime i would love to have some of her and would do anything to get in bed with her

  6. lisa says

    From what is said about Britney she sure is bi. She needs a female to really take her higher. Plus she increase her lesbian fans

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  8. Anonymous says

    Honestly, you people need to get a life. You sound like you are 12. Anyones’s sexuality, let alone someone you don’t even know is no one’s business. Grow up!!! You only sound like a bunch of perverts!!!! And even so, if you did have a night with her you would have one idea what to do , lesbian or not. This goes to blue_eyes, whatever.

  9. Anonymous says

    Shes such a stupid person. I dont even see a woman wanting to have sex with her. Look at her!!!!!! Its written all over her ulgy haggard face