Britney Spears Didn’t Make An Attempt To Cover Her Up Skirt Shot

“I didn’t see her like, even try to cover, you know. Some girls would try to hold their skirts down or something.”
Edwin Merino, celebrity photographer on
NOT ONLY did she not try to cover, but look at how HIGH Britney Spears’ skirt is. It’s like she WANTED to get these shots out. Wouldn’t you feel the breeze on your thighs if you were coming out of a car with your skirt wrapped around your neck? Oh Britney!It just gets me so angry every time I hear someone talking about this.




  1. JIM says

    We should live our own lives and not others. If she wants to do this, she should worry about what she tells her children – not us. Many women have posed naked for things that their children later learn about without impact – perhaps hers will also. It is not for us to be concerned – we have our own morals and children to be concerned about. I personally do not see anything wrong with what she has done. She has not harmed me or any one else that I know of. If I want to look at her photo I will have to search for it so it is not in my face. I worry more about the KRAMERS AND BRAVEHEARTS of the industry. I worry more about the politicains of this country most of all. An open crotch is not even a fly speck of a bump in my road.



  2. Mad Man says

    You wouldnt eat that??? Ummm I would. A skanky slut wouldnt even shave that. To all the females out there, before you say she is a skank, please take a look at your stuff. lol Then if it looks better, then post. I would hit it once….well….ok…twice….ok ok I lie…I would marry her. So please BS if you are reading this….lets meet up…I will treat you right. lol

  3. barf says

    Glad mine looks nothing like that. Mine actually has shape and don’t look like two pieces of nasty liver

  4. bored says

    ok,evidently no one else is going to say it but what the hell could she be leaving on the seat?

  5. audrey says

    She is white trash, and an attention whore…just like the crowd she is running with. I feel sorry for her kids, cause you know one day they will be surfing the net, and they are gonna see way more of their mom than they need to. How do you explain what you were doing to your kids?

  6. Patrick says

    All my teenage fantasies shot to hell. All I can see now is two pale flapping pieces of liver. Yuck. Cover that nasty thing up.

  7. Cris says

    Makes you wonder what she was doing in the car before hand. If this is not meant to be a flash there has to be some other reason she would be out with a girl with no undies on and a hiked up dress like that. I have a hunch there may be more going on with Paris and Brit.