Apocalypto Praised For Indigenous Cast

Regardless of what you may think about Mel Gibson, Native American groups are praising him for his use of indigenous cast in his new movie, “Apacalypto“. The cast includes Native Americans from Yucatan, Mexico City, Oaxaca, Xalapa, and Veracruz as well as the US and Canada. Approval from indigenous people must be important to Mel, as he attended a screening of the movie last Friday at the Chickasaw Nation’s Riverwind Casino. Proceeds from this event were donated to local Native American charities.
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  1. Nancy says

    It absolutely amazes me that everyone is judging Mel Gibson as though he is the only person who has ever made a terrible mistake. Hollywood is the most depraved city in the world and those holier-than-thou, self-righteous hypocrites ought to examine their own faults and foibles before they start pointing the finger at a man who is desparately trying to overcome the disease of alcoholism and initiate dialogue with those whom he has offended.

    Frankly, I think Jewish activists owe Mel an apology for the vicious assults on him and his movie The Passion of the Christ. Other passion plays have been filmed over the years and no one calls those directors anti-semites.

  2. steph says

    Does anyone know the quote about fear that is said during the movie?! it was really good, and i would like to know what it was!!!

  3. suffy_78 says

    Couldn’t see what all the fuss was about when I watched the movie. Wouldn’t bother with it again.

  4. says

    Poignant, action-packed with a timeless, solid story and thought provoking messages about struggle & respect for indigenous cultures (to begin with).
    If the “violence” scares you, give a serious think to what the colonialists did- FOR REAL – to people like these around the world.
    Acting and characterization were superb – I usually lose patience with sub-titles but you do not miss hearing English AT ALL! Mel Gibson at his best with directing. One of my favourite all time movies.