Sarah Chalke Is Engaged To Jamie Afifi

Sarah Chalke accepted Jamie Afifi’s proposal last week and is now officially engaged. Jamie and Sarah were on vacation in Hawaii when he got down on one knee and asked Sarah to marry him. HOW SWEET!

Scrubs beauty Sarah Chalke is ecstatic after her long-term love Jamie Afifi proposed to her in Hawaii last week. The Canadian couple were holidaying on the US island when entertainment lawyer Afifi, 33, got down on one knee. Chalke, who plays Doctor Elliot Reid on the medical comedy, returned to the NBC studios on Monday to resume filming on the show’s sixth season.

How did you get asked to marry? If you are interested in my proposal, click on the continue reading link below.

To make a very, very long story short. My husband told me he was going out drinking with his friends in the city. I don’t drink and I wasn’t interested in joining him. So I stayed home (and played Final Fantasy VII) while he took the train in. A few hours later he called me and told me I HAD to meet him. He was in trouble. I was so pissed!!!!!!!!!!!!! But I thought he was lost and drunk so I met him on 5th ave by the FAO store. I waited on the corner for him for a few minutes and then I saw him coming in a horse and buggy with a dozen long stem roses.
I was SO SURPRISED. He helped me onto the buggy and off we were for a night-time ride through Central Park. He told me the trip was free and that’s why he wanted me to come. Those trips can run you anywhere from $50- $100. I thought that it was a little fishy. So I told Bill ‘What if the guy is trying to rob us?’ Bill laughed it off but I was dead serious. So for the beginning of the ride – I was CLUTCHING onto my purse! ahahahhahahah
We stopped in the middle of the park. The guy said he wanted to have a smoke. I swore to myself ‘This is it. This is where his friends are going to come out and rob us!’ But instead, Bill took me for a little walk and got down on his knee. I started to laugh because I finally wasn’t nervous! I took the ring, gave him a big kiss, and then got back in the buggy to enjoy one of the most beautiful rides I have ever been on.
The night wasn’t even over! Once we got out of Central Park there was a white stretch limo waiting for us to drive us all around NYC. It was so romantic! I will never forget it.




  1. klinka says

    I got engaged in front of the opera house (the old One) in Paris…I really am not making this up…

  2. Other Karen says

    btw, Vera, great story–I love that you thought you were going to get mugged the whole time!

    The hubby loves Final Fantasy VII. He even told me the entire plotline. :p

  3. says

    How sweet! Mine was at Disneyworld at the Magic Kingdom, in front of the Castle at the evening when the fireworks were going off. It was beautiful and perfect!

  4. sophia says

    A man you thought was going to rob you minutes before he proposed, shows a lot of trust in someone right before saying yes to a proposal…wow

  5. says

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