Jennifer Garner Takes Violet Food Shopping

Jennifer Garner and Violet stocked up on some household goodies together at their local supermarket. Violet’s hair is so tame. My daughter looks like a wild woman every time we go out!I don’t really want to cut it though because I want her bangs to grow out. Sigh!




  1. Passerby says

    This baby not cute but will probably be later. Who cares anyway let her be a baby. Shilo is so cute.

  2. Kristin says

    Jen looks sort of out of sorts in the second pic. Could you imagine going to the grocery store and having someone just stand there and take pics of you? I wonder if it bugs her.

  3. audrey says

    Violet is a cutie. Yeah Jen does seem kind of normal, and seems to enjoy spending time with her child. Gwen Stephani may be out there look wise, but I love that she takes Kingston with her everywhere.

  4. says

    I love Jennifer Garner. She is a great mum and Violet is so adorable! It would be great if the page could keep posting pictures of the Afflecks (without Ben;(

  5. addie says

    Love them!! I love how Jen dresses like a normal mom! Violet is a doll. She always seems so content.

  6. Catherine says

    Violet is wearing moss feet shoes (i think). My future sister-in-law sells a very similar style. They are too cute! If you have kids, check out her website – they focus on organic type of baby products that are safe for kids.

  7. Vicky says

    Aww, cute pics. They really are a normal family – going grocery shopping with baby just like me. Violet looks just like Jennifer in these pics!