For The Last Time… Nicole Kidman Is Not Pregnant

“No, I am not pregnant.
“One minute I’m being told I’m too thin, the next I’m told I’m fat and it must be because I’m expecting a baby.
“It’s very confusing. My mum rang me up and said: “Are you pregnant?”, and I said: “No, Mum, you’d be one of the first to know,” and we just laughed about it because there’s not much else you can do.”




  1. hkat says

    yea I am sure Keith is giving it to her everytime she goes to see him rehab – every week a new celeb is "pregnant"! ooooooo the perils of being famous- she IS skinny but super classy & gorgeous , I wish her & her hubby the best

  2. Renee says

    mary-sometimes after excercise or like because of temperatures blood can be in more spots than others. i get that in my hands and knees to..

    yeah i feel bad for nicole and any other celeb thats been targeted as having a baby bump.

    its stupid!