Marcia Cross Goes Grocery Shopping

IMAGES REMOVEDI barely want to go grocery shopping NOW – forget about if I was carrying twins and so far along. Marcia Cross is a trooper (or I am just plain lazy). At leasy hubby pushed around the cart. :)




  1. Christa says

    She should be wearing shoes with better support! Having gone through 3 pregnancies, it makes my feet ache just looking at her in those sandles!

  2. says

    I was out shopping until complete bed rest at 6 months with twins. I was huge, measured 50 inched around my waist at 34 weeks. When the feet swell its easier to wear sandals. Her ankles and legs look petty swollen :(

  3. Leslie says

    Right now, it is 62 degrees at 1:30 p.m. in So Cal. Last night, there was frost on the ground. What really makes it chilly are the Santa Ana winds. They can be ferocious.