1. steph says

    she looks fairly tragic, excepting the wonder shoes,
    but im sure if i went through your photo albums and found a shocker you wouldnt want someone puttting it on the internet and starting a chat about how much they hate you

  2. normalchick says

    seriously guys, get off her back!!! i think most of the chicks who are trashing her are ugly, bored, wiz no life wat so ever . and as for the guys if u had a girl as half as gorgeous as she is u wont u be sitting online writing ur opinions about how a certain actress look. i know she doesnt look her best but i know she still looks better then half of us. so if u dont have anything nice to say to encourage her to straighten up….u better shurrup:)happy new year

  3. Some-1-U-Know says

    wow!…H R Puff-in-stuffed had a sex change!…looks like he has to go to the bathroom pretty bad or is trying to hold drugs between her legs and not let them fall to the ground!

  4. darkstar says

    Hmm, no. The belt is to tight, which is making the front hem ride up noticeably, not good.

  5. audrey says

    Linds needs to go on a long quiet vacation…they used to call them sanitariums. I know she is young and going thru whatever it is she is going thru, but enough already. Dry out, clean up and then go shopping for some new clothes.