Jessica Simpson And John Mayer Are Back Not On… Wait What?

Click here to see TONS of photos of Jessica Simpson and John Mayer NOT dating while shopping at Barneys on Madison. What’s the big secret anyway?




  1. JoAnn says

    I hope that he stops acting like a moron. I like these 2 together. I think he is being ridiculously coy.

  2. says

    This turns my stomach. I always thought John Mayer was an intelligent guy. What would a smart man want with a ditzy moron like her?

  3. says

    This no talent babe is pathetic. Anything to keep her face in front of the cameras. Without the paparatzi she would be nothing

  4. Courtney says

    Wow, if they are happy, that is really all that matters right? It does break my heart a little to see him with her though…

  5. Wilma says

    John just wants to be with Jess to be popular worldwide. Jess looks to good for him, ad he knows it. He should just go out with someone at his level like the American Idol Chinese dude, William Hung.