Who Is The Bigger Diva? Justin Timberlake Or Scarlett Johansson?

Justin Timberlake and Scarlett Johansson are competing for biggest diva on the set of his new video, “What Goes Around…Comes Around,”. I’m surprised this story even leaked. They made everyone who is working with them sign a confidentiality agreement saying they can’t discuss anything that goes down while on set. Who wins?
Justin Timberlake:

  • People cannot make eye contact with him. One stand in did and he moved his chair out of her view for the rest of the day.

Evidently, Mr. Timberlake also doesn’t like any plebeians to make eye contact with him. “When they were setting up for the shot,” reveals a superinside source, “Scarlett’s stand-in accidentally caught [Justin’s] eye. He moved his chair out of her line of sight after that,” continued Desk “Comes Around.”

Scarlett Johansson:

  • People aren’t allowed to eat in front of her. She made her bodyguard tell some workers to pick their lunch up and move when she went outside to smoke.

Hungry crew members stepped outside to grab some grub, where Scar just happened to be hanging. “She had her bodyguard come over and tell them they couldn’t eat around her”.

  • Speaking of smoking, when she was told she couldn’t light up inside she had a fit.
  • The chain-smoking chica was most unhappy that she couldn’t light up on set. “How come we have fire dancers, but I can’t smoke?” she whined.

      Stories like this are upsetting aren’t they? I hate to read about celebrities who take themselves too seriously.




      1. says

        my friend ciarhia is obsessed with justin timberlake she wishs she could have kids with him have a career with him plus marry him shes going to his march concert she believes shell be leaving with him and her friend thinks hes gonna kiss her at the concert she cant wait to see ALPHA DOG JT!!!

      2. Kimberly says

        @Jackie, They are all a hell of a lot more talented/attractive then your sorry ass. People make it in hollywood because they have connections and alot of people in hollywood are jewish so they hang out in the same circles witch is how their parents/agents get connections not because its at the expense of gentiles you whiny bitch.

      3. wow says

        i dont know about justin… but what is scarlett diong there acting like that. hellooo its not even your video… didnt even know who she was until this. i do know justin though..

      4. gess says

        big-up to thise ppl who told her straight to not smoke on set – who does she think she is…? just because she is willing to destroy her heath and the organs god gave her by smoking toxic ciggies, does nOT give her the right to infect others with it via secondhand smoke.
        that is so rude not to mention extremeley inconsiderate!!!! gr!
        she wins by far, as to who is the bigger diva, for that.

      5. jen- says

        okay, who cares if there celebs.
        its so pathetic.
        theyre conceited self rightous
        and it doesnt matter if they have
        the power to do absurd stuff.
        they dont have to abuse that power.

      6. --hearts-- says

        how dare scarlett
        want to hurt other peoples
        lungs with second hand smoke just
        cause shes stupid enough to do that./
        that so retarted.
        and eye contact!? what should everyone
        have to look at the ground because hes in the
        id like to think that all celebs arent assholes.
        but its hard to think that way with those two
        proving to us that it all goes to the head.
        like, ok, your in movies, but that doesnt make you
        any less of a jerk. fame wont change THAT.

      7. Goyin says

        They are jews, and they control all the industry. Even more, why do you think that the "private" Federal Reserve Bank is still there????, and that you didn`t know the owners of the bank????
        The control the monetary policy-volume, and they earn the interest (6% maybe) of your blood, even they do it to the government, they buy the treasure bonds, and they do it only with paper!!! at 2`5 c per piece!!!
        If the notes are from the "treasury note" and not from the "Federal Reserve note" the debt of the USA is blow, as Lincoln did, and Kennedy tried.

      8. kiop says

        2 big BITCHES who they think they are none of us did something amazing justin is famous because he dated spears and scarlett because she is half jewish

      9. Melanie says

        Why do people make up dumb shit like this? Both stories sound equally ridiculous and untrue.

      10. Layla says

        Right on, momo! I heard that about the VF shoot too. In fact, I saw some video of that shoot – Scarlett appeared to be very aloof and Keira seemed to be a sweetheart.

      11. Jerine says

        am i the only one getting tired of scarlett i mean i think she is cool an eveything but 4 crying outloud she needs 2 b out of the papers 4 a while