The White Rapper Show? Why?! WHY?!

VH1 created a show where white aspiring rappers will compete for $100,000. They are going to live in the South Bronx in an apartment together and compete against one another. OH BOY! Newsday is reporting that it debuts on tonight at 10:30 – I think I will pass on this one.

Host Michael “MC Serch” Berrin, known for the ’90s hit “The Gas Face” with the group 3rd Bass, schools the 20-something contestants on the history of hip-hop and the art of rhyme. “This generation can’t answer basic hip-hop trivia,” says Berrin, 39. “Early on, there was a history that you had to know. I had to know who the Funky 4+1 was, who Sha Rock was. I had to know this because when I was coming up, guys would test me.”




  1. rocker101 says

    i personaly hate rap but this show i have to give it props its funny as hell and i hope G-child or 100 proof wins

  2. Bianca says

    I agree with angiepoo ALL THE WAY! Shamrock is sooooooooooooo fine and he got so much talent!!

  3. Anonymous says

    Yo John Brown is the shit.
    MC Search is a fag who cant even rap. if he was in the competition he would fuckin lose. Search is a pussy who thinks hes the shit. He fuckin yells and shit and thinks hes cool. hes a fuckin fag.

  4. she so fly says

    omq.! i love shamrock,& i think he`s qorqeous! maybe thas just me,bhut he better win,i want him to win sooooo bad

  5. Erica says

    MC Serch is a total douchebag who has no credibility whatsoever other than acting like a fucking idiot. John Brown should win and give him a swift kick in the nuts afterward

  6. Stoikz says

    I have a theory about whos going to win, everytime i would see one of the rappers myspace pages that was advertising clothes, shows, or the rappers cd, that rapper was eliminated. So with that being said my guess would be shamrock because his page is the only one ive seen thats not advertising.

    btw John Brown is a beast!

  7. says

    OMGosh i fuckin love shamrock yo0o0o! He is so sexy i would do anything 4 dat boy… Im like his biggest fan… Hes gonna beat john browns ass hollala holla back lol… 😉


  8. phil says

    This show should of been called The wack rapper show. All they have found is a bunch of M.c no skills.AND i agree that this is a disgrace to hip hop and all white artist doing the damn thing for real. But for one of these clowns they gonna get paid and that today in our society is what it seems to be about.

  9. ErikaMissAmerica says

    im so happy jus rhyme is gone he was mad corny…lol…how da hell did he make it as far as he did wit no skill shit if he can do it jus bout ne body can lol….sham got mad skillz…but i aint gonna lie im in love wit john brown so im hopin he gonna win..he showed me myspace love lol…hallelujah holla bak!

  10. says

    I think it is cool that rap has crossed so many barriers. I remember MC Serch and 3rd Bass, he is a richeous guy and comes from the heart. I think because he is so respected it will do well.

  11. Anonymous says

    God i could not bear to watch that show. I wanted to die of embarrasment for the contestants with every passing second.

  12. Anonymous says

    when he was "coming up"?? um, isnt he just a glorified one hit wonder?? who is he to be "schooling" anyone?! DUMB

  13. Jessica says

    Thats really bullshit if you think about it what if there was a show like "The black country singer" Ohhhh man all hell would break lose and the shit would hit the fan!!! This society is not fair why is it blacks can make fun of us publicly and get by with it but when a white person retaliates we are branded the racist ones!

  14. April says

    Jessica… Calm down!! Its a TV show, who is making fun of white ppl on this show? They signed up for this themselves, just because ppl think its funny that some of them suck then so be it. If they were good would u still think its a bad idea? i doubt it.

  15. Jennipher says

    $hamrock is go n 2 win cause john brown sucks he raps so dam slow. $hamrock got shit locked down. He cant freestyle but i still luv he 2 death.

  16. blake says

    man yall all know who is gonna win.My boy $hamrock will kill that fag john brown.someone needs to slap dat hoe.erry one knows $hamrock will own john brown.

  17. stophatin says

    mamamia, get the fuck off shamrok, you must love the kid or somethin, you made like 5 flames posts about him already..why dontcha throw up a link to your pic so we can all joke on your dated ass

  18. jus rhyme fan! says

    i dont know why everybody hates off jus rhyme. so what if he dont rap bout money, cars and hoes. let the man do his thing. i take a PHD over a 100gz anyday! that money dont last, but a FUCKIN PHD thats forever! do u know how much dough u can make with a phd? he make that 100gz in a yr. while shamrock or john brown whoeva wins will blow thru that in a month.

    and john brown doesnt even look white he looks middle eastern or somethin. his ass is frontin he aint white tryin to pass. and shamrock his lips look like a dog got ahold of em and chew dem up.

    jus rhyme was the only one that was real, everybody else was a fuckin hip hop gimmick. jus is tryin to help out this society/ community everybody else just thinkin bout theirseleves.

    and who da fuck is mc serch? dat fat bitch had one hit and they callin him a hip hop icon. bitch please i shit on dat chunkey monkey!

  19. ThePiece says

    All the people dissin MC Serch, i dont like him that much either, but he is responsible for alot of good things in hip hop, he discovered nas, and alot lot more, 3rd bass sucked doo doo

  20. Bay Shit says

    o shit. Shamrock won. His shit go hard. He got some slap songs already on imeem. I cant wait for his album. He really got skill on da mic

  21. says

    YEa YEa MY SHAMMY WON!!!! I fuckin sat in the house yesterday and watched the whole marathon they had on!!! I absouletly love shamrock and last nite i was so fuckin nervous i would have ben devestated if he didnt win! I am his biggest fan i fell off my bed when the announced he won! I screamed on the top of my lungs. His performance was great I fuckin love him he slided the hell outa john brown!

  22. says

    YEa YEa MY SHAMMY WON!!!! I fuckin sat in the house yesterday and watched the whole marathon they had on!!! I absouletly love shamrock and last nite i was so fuckin nervous i would have ben devestated if he didnt win! I am his biggest fan i fell off my bed when the announced he won! I screamed on the top of my lungs. His performance was great I fuckin love him he slided the hell outa john brown! do the wop do the wop do the cabbage patch n dont stop 😉

  23. Jennipher says

    Im so glad dat gay ass john brown didnt win dats just what we want to see gay ass ppl reviving da getto WTF well dat dont matter cause $ham won and u cant change dat

  24. Anonymous says

    John Brown iz ztill a beazt fuck all u hatin fagz he ztill kummin raw dont agree meet me in zan mateo ca, to get dropped

  25. says

    YO im so sick of people fuckin hatein off ahm yo i will fuckin beat sum1z ass for that boy!! He is fuckin the best n people just hatein aint a damn thing rong wif dat boy hes sexy!!! 4 eva i love alanta… do da wop do da wop do the cabbage patch and dont stop… so if you gotta prob get at me my hood to ur hood

  26. frank says

    stop being gay like brown. and quit trying to be tough on the internet. hola looYa hola back. No Not really

  27. joeyfresh says

    John brown says "Ghetto Revival" all the time cuz he is promoting his company DUH. just like lil wayne would say cash money, or any other rapper promotes thier squad "THe Roc" "Terra Squad" he is a lil smarter than you think think of how many people looked up his shit cuz he says it soo much. Hes already from da burbz and has a company. Also jus Rhyme is in college and goin to get his phd so hes gonna be gettin paid too. Shams needed that money to waste on 33′ rims or a new grill or w/e stereotypical southern rappers do. But we all know he should be gettin his nose fixed and buying some new jeans or somethin. Also no one listen to mc serch unless u wanna be a hasbeen and hosting reality shows

  28. mamamia says

    Bitch Heather your dumb. I bet your ass is ugly too. Same applies to dat "stophatin" bitch. I bet your ass is really ugly too. Is that why yall are sticking up for Shamrock?? I guess ugly people stick together….

  29. mamamia says

    Heather you said you would beat someones ass for Shamrock?! Bitch your fucking dumb! What are you gonna do jump through this monitor and kick my ass?! Lol, you dumb bitch.

  30. says

    Mamamia, pleez gurl i aint ugly you fuckin hoe dont fuckin cum at me like that you dirty bitch… aint nobody say shit about you so get over it…. your hatein bitch shamrock aint fuckin ugly you on here not even writtin shit bout wite rappers jump off da page… yew on her fuckin startin shit wif people dis is for wite rappers so y da fuck u on here postin shit that aint even about the show…. and you no wats even funnier you call me a DUMb bitch but i aint dumb at all you hoe… my GPA is 3.98 so get ur facts straight before you call someone out bitch… cuz im be sumthin wif my life and your gonna b still on the internet tryna swine sum1… im on here postin my opinons about the SHOW not anout you u probally da one whos ugly cuz yew callin people out!!! SHMAROCK IS FUCKIN SEXY!!!!!!! Bitches be hatein…. but who cares…. Do da cabbage patch and dont stop!! 😉 IM SHAMZ BIGGEST FAN!!!!!

  31. mamamia says

    Bitch please if Shamrock met you he wouldnt even want ur bitch ass. And iam a freshemen at Duke University. Oh and yes honey my facts are straight, Shamrock is ugly its a proven fact his face tells it all. What the fuck ever a 3.98?? I bet your ass has a remedial classes. Oh and by the way learn how to spell!

    alanta???? WTF? Its Atlanta bitch!

  32. says

    Isabella i agree wif u totally…. But that bitch just crossed da line on da 4real tip mamamia i aint black im white but i have black people in my family and most of my friends are black my boyfreind is black and by u sayin dat word fuckin affends me and i bet if you was around my way and you said that shit your ass get jumped…. bitch you the only ignorant person on here… And that is my gpa if you think im liein cum 2 bmore and ill prove it…. But anyways i aint got time for you… just cuz u in college dont mean shit 2 me ima be a senior next year….and im gettin out half day next year to got to college so…. ima attend MICCA skoo of art and technolgy…. but of dis subject cuz aint nobody tryna worry bout your racist bitch ass….

  33. says

    OK so shamz doin his thing now… Ihe got new pics on his myspace hes my # 5 on my top i have his song on my profile… I effin love dis boy…. Ic ant wait till he makes a cd i would defintly copp dat… n the really should my a soundtrack for the show i no all the songs that they wrote and shit… Shamrocks songs are super hard and aint just sayin that cuz im his #1 fan but they is really hard…. I Cant wait till he makes a cd yo!!!!

  34. AngiePoo says

    Yeah! Mah Boy $ham won!
    Fuck John Brown!
    Fuck Ghetto Revival!
    I love $hamrock, he showed my myspace page some love =)

  35. says

    aww is that all yew have to say mamamia???… you aint nothin but a lil bitch yo! yew really need to stop sayin that word on the 4real tip… it aint cool… I wish you would cum to bmore and say that in my face and all my peoples faces bitch… you dumb as shit and i aint got time for you. you dirty ass hoe bag!

  36. says

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  37. says

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  38. says

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    My best friends keith and Rainere and Sterlin
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    and many other friends
    Hop up off the page mamamia

  39. says

    mamamia Hasnt vrought nothin to this page except negativity yo0o0o0 and it pisses me off…. And i dont no y the fuck she ahtin off shamrock all the time???….

  40. mamamia says

    And your point is what Heather???
    Bitch your dumb you need to get off the damn paige your bitch.

  41. says

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  43. mamamia says

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  44. mamamia says

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  45. Jon Micheal says

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  46. says

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  47. jamal says

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  48. mamamia says

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  49. Heather says

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  50. Heather says

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  51. Jamal says

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  52. Heather says

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    Holla at me

  53. CRYSTALE!! says

    SHAMROCK and JON BROWN are both so fine !!! shamrock is like a little paul wall !! JON BROWN is just strait up HOT!!!2FINE ASS WHITE BOYS HOLLA!!!

  54. mamamia says

    well all my friends and I are all waiting including some KKK members. So come with it bitch. I will fukin shoot ever single one of yall, and beat yall like the animals yall are!

  55. mamamia says

    what is your myspace url heather??? I want to see ur profile to see how "gangster" u really are bitch

  56. says

    Well i like John Brown he cute and so is Shamrock…….but dont yall wonder if sulle neva left how far he would have gotten. Also i l like Dasit, his raps are like Eminems and he told Seach off!!!! But they all are famous so they should be happy. but the one person i hate is 100 proof he sound like a rock star, im glad hes gone……….