Rachel McAdams To Replace Katie Holmes In Batman?

The new Batman movie rumor is Rachel McAdams will now take the place of the young, hot, love interest originally offered to Katie Holmes. I don’t think Rachel will play the exact character. BUT it will be very similar. Maybe she will be the other really close friend from Bale’s past that we never heard of. Either way, the real question is, will the pink hair stay? :)

Katie Holmes is out of The Dark Knight, Rachel McAdams is in. Not as literally the same character, but cin practically the same role. I know this came up before, but it came up again, to me, just now. Let’s see if it comes up again, anywhere else. (source)

Film Ick va Popoholic via ONTD
To see a cute picture of Ryan and Rachel at the SAG awards, click on the thumbnail above.




  1. here for the catty says

    the pick hair should have never been, what the hell has she been doing lately?