Love It Or Hate It: Zoey Deschanel, Leelee Sobieski and Kelly Monaco

Zoey Deschanel at Erin Fetherston’s Fall 2007 fashion show
Zoey Deschanel, Leelee Sobieski and Kelly Monaco were all photographed wearing questionable outfits. I have to be honest here… All three of these girls are hot messes to me. But it’s Monday and I’m in a good mood. So I will leave it up to you guys to see for yourself. Click on the continue reading link below to check out the rest of the dresses.

Leelee Sobieski at The 59th Annual DGA Awards

Kelly Monaco at Playboy’s Super Bowl Party




  1. audrey says

    I have heard these names before, but I am not really familiar with any of their work. They could all be hot messes, but my question is…why are any of them even famous? There is nothing there that makes them stand out from a crowd of young women…no wow factor, nothing. Just blandness.

  2. Manda says

    i think that leelee looks beautiful. and zoey can et away with that oufit no prob. but the other one looks like a tramp.

  3. billy says

    zoey is a goth chick
    the other is some random hoe
    and leelee looks like a swan princess w big ginormous titties.

  4. Anonymous says

    Wow it shocks me how Everyone calls Kelly bad names I love her she is a great soap actress and has been in many other things also like the first winner of dancing with the stars. Not trying to bash anyone just trying ti defend my girl. LOl Have a good day

  5. ono says

    I think it was a theme in the Fashion show to had their eyes that way, I think Zooey has better fashon sense to do that to her eyes.