Jen And Vince – Back On?

Courtney Cox threw Jennifer Aniston a birthday party and guess who attended? VINCE VAUGHN! Isn’t that interesting? Are these two the new Demi / Bruce combo? Or are they giving this thing another go?

Courteney’s yard was decorated with dozens of small votive candles lining the walkways, and the smell of barbecued sea food wafted above the mid-century modern home. Jen arrived at shortly after 7 PM, followed a half hour later by none other than ex-boyfriend Vince Vaughn. The Chicago-born actor, wearing a red jacket and looking unshaven and scruffy, arrived in a silver Volvo with a male friend. Vince was smiling and laughing as he got out of the car and quickly ducked inside the party. (source)


  1. kristina says

    well i think its a good idea that they hook up, but like every other actor or actress dont last. because of gossip.. good luck jen i love her, she is a good actress. well thats my oppion!!

  2. Marti says

    Jen you need to move on…Brad and Anjelina are beautiful together. These may be tabloid exploitations but puhh leassse…let them be!

  3. says

    i think that what ever jen thinks about doing, we should respect her of her choices, were not her parents, and i think that the poperotzey are to crazy to say mean things about her, jen is so cool, and so pretty that i wish i looked like her.
    especially on FRIENDS!

  4. Kim says

    I think Brad is a loser for letting Jen go. But it is what it is. Plus, who knows what really happened. I just hope she has fun flaunting her beautiful boob job around, while it lasts. Brad, " Eat your heart out".LOL

  5. rachael says

    i love jen!i do not however think that vince is the guy for her.hes seems like a nice funny guy but for a friend not a long time partner.i think brad is very foolish for leaving jen,angelina is a no good homewrecker!have a nice drama filled life brad!!!!i hope jen the best in everything she does.

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