Kelly Ripa Pregnant With Fourth Child

I am not 100% sure about this one. My grandmother called me up to tell me she just heard Kelly Ripa announce her fourth pregnancy on Live with Regis and Kelly a few minutes ago. I didn’t hear it and none of the online sources have picked it up yet. So let’s get excited for Kelly – BUT – remember that my grandmother is pushing 80 and English is her second language. :)
UPDATE: I actually called the show and spoke to a rep who told me that my grandmother has too much wax in her ears. So please disregard this post. Kelly is not pregnant. :)




  1. CC says

    I was just watching right now and did a search online to see if I missed reports about her being prego (bc I always read people magazine and was surprised they havent said anything) …bc man does she look prego w. that jacket for sure. That and there has been a couple dresses lately that she looks like it or trying to hide things. Like that blue dress the other day, etc…i dont watch the show relgiously but when I have she wears quite the loose clothing hmmmmmmmm

  2. ttkbess2001 says

    I thought she looked it wearing todays outfit as well, then I thought about all the "bag" dresses she has been wearing, makes a person wondering. Congrats and GL to her if she is and if not….sorry Kelly for all the gossip, but watch what you wear!!

  3. Nancy says

    I am not a regular watcher, but today she looked pregnant with that short jacket on. Hmmm…

  4. Betty says

    She looked pregnant yesterday on the show and also today. She was hiding a toy with the kid shot yesterday, her top looked like a maternity top. Today her dress is empire waist, I think she is.

  5. Deb says

    Like I said, myabe they are waiting till the 2nd trimester to make sure all is well, alot of people do that.

  6. Philip Yates says

    With all the loose clothing she has been wearing for the past couple of weeks it really looks like she could be pregnant.

    Way to go Mark! :-)

  7. MARY says


  8. Lisa says

    Look at her today. She is soooo preggo! She has been wearing loose clothing for a while. I say yes she is. Why else all the loose clothes, she usually wears tiny jeans

  9. Toe says

    She is SO not pregnant, but being fashionable. baby doll style is so in right now, and it looks baggy, so of course its gonna make you look preggo. She is so tiny, and will continue to be.

  10. Lisa says

    She has been wearing loose clothes for a few weeks. I say she is. You can be fashionable and not wear a potato sack everyday. She just had her hands clasped below her belly.

  11. Tari says

    I googled "is Rippa pregnant again?" It brought me to this site. She sure does look pregnant! Her clothes lately and the way she stands.

  12. allie says

    She so looked pregnant today and every day last week. I watch everyday and her wardrobe has been very flowy since December. No more pencil skirts or tight shirts as of late. Her kids are beautiful and I hope she announces soon!

  13. says

    Not sure what you mean about her naturall chubby body- she is thinner lately but i went to high school with her and she was always really skinny.

  14. Sheila says

    I just googled also, I just told my friend..Kelly looked pregnant yesterday…..when she walked out her belly looked like it had a poof (usually her belly has no poof) hehe..and now today she has another big shirt on

  15. Hairkat says

    I agree with all. Have been watching her alot lately, and everyday she has on some loose top or dress and today an empire type shirt. Yes, she DID wear a shirt and pants with a belt the other day, but does not look like she always had. She is definately looking too skiiny these days. Back about a yr ago, her and Regis talked about her flabby arms when she would lift them up. She said then that she was going to take care of THAT. Well, she surely has, but now, they look too bony and the chest has got to go. She needs to fatten up and look as she did 3 and 4 yrs ago.

  16. Sheila says

    She did get real thin but maybe she will be gaining soon….I just noticed yesterday when she had some flimsy dress with pants and when she walked out the dress stuck to her belly…There was actually a belly…so I said I am gonna start watching what she wears and today she wore something similar..

  17. Hairkat says

    Well, the thing is, if she is pregos, they certainly arent talking about it, and my assumption is that we are already deciding that she is because of her belly. She just may be eating too much in recent weeks, and could also be having hormonal issues, or a gastric issue. Ive had those problems before and it can be very embarrasing. Kelly may be a great person, but she is also human with probably so very human, physical issues going on. Too. And yes, she does love to eat, she has said so, many times.

  18. Ramona says

    I am home sick today and when I turned on the TV, Kelly with Howie was on. I immediately got the feeling that she is preg again! Just the way she is sitting and positioning her arm just over her belly area. Either way- good for her. She can afford to gain some weight.

  19. Hairkat says

    Im watchig her right now on Regis and Kelly, and to me she very much looks preggers. But i cant figure out why there isnt any site on the internet saying anything at all about it or why it hasnt been mentioned at least once on the show. And if she is preggers, she looks as though shes 4 months along. So, even before Regis was evening talking about his current condition, it was never mentioned. Its not mentioned on anything on tv, such as EXTRA, etc. etc. So, why the big secrecy? They marvel all the time on tv about any star or famous person who is expecting. Whats with this situation here?? Dont get it!

  20. Hairkat says

    Your brother is friends with the family? Does he see Kelly ever? How about yourself?? Thats cool

  21. ana migueles says

    Kelly was in New Orelans last weekend. She made comments about drinking and having fun, which is good for her. She is a hard worker, dedicated mother and wife. Wish her the best of luck if she is pregnant but I dont think she would be parting if she was.

  22. ana migueles says

    I dont think she is because last weekend she was in New Orleans drinking!!! I dont think she would be doing that if she was pregnant.

  23. ana migueles says

    Kelly would you let us know if you are pregnant…I know you deserve a lot of attention but… It would be nice if you let us know so we can share the good news instead of the gossip. Love you and your family,You and Mark make the perfect couple. Love you Regis, dont feel left out!!!
    I watch your show almost everyday I hope you could read this email on the air so I know you are paying attention to one of your fans out here in the Arizona desert! Marana,Arizona

  24. ana says

    I love Regis and Kelly’s show. lara lara lara… or whatever. Thanks for the attention that I got but, I’m no grandma. I’m probably younger than you . This is about KELLY not about me… hello…

  25. Anne says

    Vera, Grandmothers are precious ! Although I really feel old because my mother is 80 whereas your Grandma is.

  26. says

    That is so cute, your grandma helping with the gossip and rumors. :) Go grandma! Even if she was wrong, she made us all smile heheeee

  27. Shallow says

    Kelly is too obsessed with being thin now so there is no way she would give birth again. Last year she said no more kids because she looks too cute in her jeans plus Mark says no more.

  28. wonderingtoo says

    Ok, so I am watching LIVE right now..and kelly actually DOES LOOK PG with the jacket she has on……it makes me wonder. Maybe she is just malnurished and her stomach is getting distended?

  29. Kathleen says

    Im watching right now and Kelly doesnt look pregnant to me in that black and white dress she has on.

  30. kathleen says

    I cant believe you used language like that on here, and who was talking bad about Kelly Ripa??????? Scroll back a little and you will see what a certain person said about their brother is friends with her family and she is pregnant. Well, i was responding to that with MY FOOT, cause she is NOT pregnant. So somebody needs to get better aquainted with their brother.

  31. Hairkat says

    Well, after all this time, she is definately NOT preggers. Today, she was lean and slim again. I did hear however that she had her belly button turn from an outy to an inny. So she could have been a touch swollen from that and too, shes on this big time idet and i know that sometimes the stomach will protrude if you try too hard to be too thin.

  32. Laurie says

    I was at the show last week. She is not pregnant. She did a cover for Shape magazine and they airbrushed her outtie to an innie…no surgery.

  33. Latrice says

    If she is not Pregnant then she has gained alot of weight from what I am seeing on the show today.

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  35. Anonymous says

    OMG…..don’t you know how to use a spell checker? If I could’t spell any better than that and I didn’t know how to use a spell checker I think I would stop typing!!!

  36. Anonymous says

    Regis made a reference about Jaquine (sp) not being the baby anymore that”s all I heard so I went to google to find out. I think if it were true we would be hearing about it everywhere the news, the view and none of them have said anything.