Jennifer Lopez Is Hot For Marc Anthony

Call me crazy! But I think all that time Jennifer Lopez spent with Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes has made her more open to public displays of affection. Click on the thumbnails below to see just how much Jennifer can’t get enough of Marc Anthony. In one picture, it looks like she wants to eat him up alive. The two are seen on the red carpet in Berlin for Bordertown.




  1. MissMatch says

    She is too submissive with him. I dont think it will last. Plus, she is a firey Leo and he is a nitpicky Virgo.

  2. BriaNNa says

    This girl, never dresses badly. Serously. She so has a style. And I think, they make a great couple, + I disagree with MissMatch, think it will last. =)

  3. Teresa says

    Ben is very nasty man because broken spreading ugly Jennifer Lopez is a crazy love with her husband Marc life :-I

    NEVER proud!