When Did Joss Stone Get So Hot?

At first, I wasn’t LOVING the pink hair. I thought Joss Stone looked like she was trying too hard. But it seems she has grown into this new person since she’s made the change. Very confident and sexy! Here she is at The Brit Awards. And can we talk about her smoking body? Hey Now!




  1. HelloMe says

    cute body..not a very pretty face…ugly hair
    WAY cuter than the other ones, tho (parasite, LBlo, etc)

  2. ana says

    horrible style. btw, watch her performance on britts on utube. when i say performance, i mean a real insane act. she was so acting out SO insane diva like, it made me cringe. also, tried to stel the show from amy winehouse. also, made a total ass of herself. i also watched her on sundance giving an interview, she acted totally retarded and again so effin full of herself, it made me barf in my mouth. and who, except mariah carey, poses like a twat like that??