Melanie Brown – Pregnant And Tired

I know you might not believe that the above picture is of Melanie Brown, formerly know as Scary Spice. But it really is!! I had to do a double take myself. Boy she looks spent! Remember – Mel is on a pregnancy pass. So let’s just wish her a good night sleep and call it a day. She is six months pregnant.




  1. Ooohwee says

    Dang! Six months pregnant, shithead baby daddy, whatever. She had sex, she got pregnant, and we should feel sorry for her? Worse yet, we should encourage her to feel sorry for herself? She needs to take a shower, shake out the braids and parade that fierce bump! The day you let the world beat you into that kind of submission, you should just shave your head.

  2. Morgan says

    Why do you have to hate! Check yourself before you started pointing your insecure figures at others.

  3. Kimberly says

    Everyone has bad days…. im sure that if she was to dress up and put on some makeup she would look fine. Shes just a real person give it up for her…… just imagine what some of the celebs out there would look like without make up .

  4. Esther says

    Cram it.

    You are not a woman but a she devil. Your MURDERED your children and its your bloody fault you got pregnant not the childs. Thank god you dont want kids, because with you as a mother they are way better off. You are a sorry excuse for a woman, if your even that.

    The picture of scary spice is sad cause she looks like she got a lot on her mind.

  5. MEGHAN says


    coalharbourqt said:
    Good grief – she’s six months pregnant and the father is a shithead who won’t take responsibility for his actions (whomever he is!)
    Do you really think she gives two craps about what you think about her looks? Nope! Picking on pregnant women is just ignorant. You’ve got to have pretty low self-esteem to do that.

    February 19thGHT

    AND ON PHOENIX BIRTHAY YOU SHOULD NOT PICK ON MEL YES SHE LOOK BETTER WHEN SHE HAD PHOENIX BUT A DNA TEST OR NOT EDDIE THE JERK HEAD MURRY IS THE FATHER AND he made her streed out and looking like that as much her ex husbon was a jeark to he never strested her out when she have phoenix so between eddie and jimmy , jimmy is a much better father but a suckie husbon

  6. MEGHAN says

    it not america fault because i am in america and i agree with what you said ione it jeark head eddie fault

  7. MEGHAN says

    plus one more thing ione LA IS NOT A country or hillbilly in any why places like new HAmpshire are hillbilly and countrys side over in america none of which i come from LA is a CITY with jeark like eddie messing with mel head mel is still pretty and as soon these devil eddie kid is out of her and she put him in his place he we leave her alone and she will go back to looking pretty but hse under stress right now

  8. sweetsherell09 says

    i do think this is stupid at first i didnt care to much about abortions. but then i saw how they murder those babies. that is so cruel and mean. the lady who had the two abortions. i dnt think that fair but thats your body. to me if you didnt want to get pregnant then dnt have sex or try some sort of birth control. i think melanie looks beautiful a baby puts alot on your body and shey may just be tired. and this is coming from an 16 year old from alabama. and to the girl from the other country bitch we aint hilbilly. NOW WIPE ME DOWN!!!!!

  9. ihateedddiemurphy says

    OMG! has her bump shrank? She was massive when she was 4 months pregnant but she looks tiny now. That bump is hella cute.

  10. says

    She is a mom. So cut her some slack, no telling how rough of a time she has had. Any woman that has a baby and does not murder her baby with an abortion is a wonderful fantastic woman.

    God Bless

  11. Luminotecnica says

    John, does that mean that women who hav babies and proceed to abuse an abandon them are wonderful, fantastic women?

    I beg to differ. A child should only be brought into this world if it can be properly taken care of.