Hot New Couple Alerts

Kate Walsh (Grey’s Anatomy) and Dave Annable (Brothers and Sisters) were caught locking lips at several events including an Oscar party.

Lance Armstrong and Tory Burch (designer) made their first official couple outing at the Damien Hirst show. Lance said, “We are together. But we are taking it slow.”

Penelope Cruz and Orlando Bloom are an item according to The Daily News.

“Penélope and Orlando couldn’t keep their hands off one another – they were making out the whole night,” says a witness. It was crazy! Touching, kissing – even a little bit of groping.

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  1. layne says

    Lance is an immature man and a major player. Read his book, it is not hard to read between the lines.

  2. o says

    um, penelope needs orlando bloom to boost her career? give me a break. what target audience is she supposedly going for? the obese, unpopular and obscenely rich 13-17 age bracket? the woman is gorgeous and talented and if she wanted a man to boost her career she could certainly do better than a teenage pinup.

  3. kim says

    i want to see pictures of orlando and penelope because they are a gorgeous couple. Now their reps can confirm it because they were seen publicly kissing, touching, and groping each other at princes party. Way better and talented than kate bosworth. Show photos and come out now.

  4. AustinPowers says

    Nope, that just means keeping all your options open because you might just find better.

  5. In the Know says

    Orlando – Gay
    Penelope – Beard
    Lance – Gay
    Tory – Clueless
    Kate – Breautiful
    David – Okay.

  6. In the Know says

    Orlando – Gay
    Penelope – Beard
    Lance – Gay
    Tory – Clueless
    Kate – Beautiful
    David – Okay.

  7. Mia says

    The picture in PEOPLE of David and Kate together at the Oscars is hot. I thought he was a bit of a lunkhead, but the fact that he likes Kate, and she likes him, actually makes me like him a bit more. Must be something redemming about him.

  8. Anonymous says

    Lance is scum. I hope someone he actually loves dumps his ass. All of his women look exactly the same. Good thing he is gay.

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