I Have A Feeling Gisele Bundchen Isn’t Pregnant

Gisele Bundchen was photographed getting her swim on in a bikini. Those Internet rumors of Tom Brady knocking her up are false.




  1. Anon says

    She is not very attractive when not all glammed up – a very manly face. Is she with Brady in the Bahamas?

  2. sonya says

    she always looks manly….her face is HUGE and she looked a lot better at her normal weight when she first came on the scene 6/7 years ago. A couple of years ago she started getting way too skinny and she is not as attractive as when she first started.

  3. iluveboobs says

    Dude, she is gorgeous up close. And a major sweetheart! She signed my VS catalog!
    She should dump that dumbass jock. He aint no good.