Most Wanted Celebrity Body Parts

Plastic surgeons have decided that the following list of body parts are the MOST requested when people come in with examples of what they want done cosmetically.

  • Nose – Ashlee Simpson / Nicole Kidman
  • Face – Jessica Biel / Courtney Cox
  • Lips – Angelina Jolie
  • Skin(?) – Nicole Kidman
  • Breasts – Carmen Electra / Salma Hayek
  • Body – Jessica Alba / Halle Berry
  • Eyes – Scarlett Johansson
  • Bottom – Jennifer Lopez
  • Abs – Janet Jackson
  • Legs – Cameron Diaz

Do you agree?




  1. Lisa786 says

    Jessica Alba has the greatest body ever and her face is even more beautiful. At no time did she ever appear trashy, she dresses very well and classy, she also has a wonderful personality.

  2. kelly says

    i think jessica alba is the most beautiful girl !!! and i do agree she has the most nice body and face !!

  3. Nina says

    I think taht Angelina Jolie, has the best body, and face. She Is so beautyful, In my eyes she Is perfect:)
    I think she has amazingly beautyful eyes, and her legs are perfectly shaped.

    And on top of that, she has a good heart, and she Is not afraid to speak up, and say what`s really on her heart.
    Angelina Is my hero, she has It all:)