Dita Von Teese Without Makeup

At first glance, I was thinking a skinnier Shannen Doherty! I don’t think I have EVER seen a picture of Dita Von Teese without the glam on. She is still a very cute girl. Click on the continue reading link below to see more pictures of her getting ready at the Sunset Marquis Oasis.

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  1. Steph says

    She looks different without make-up but she looks beautiful nonetheless. Dita must really know how to take care of herself.

    • rachel says

      what….you mean marilyn manson???? he is way sexier than Dita, no offence to her but manson is sexy and no one else could wear and do what he does and be fucking gorgious doing it. i love dita and all but she didn’t deserve manson. He was so… different than her and i knew from the start they wouldn’t last, o

  2. ln says

    she is very classy but i do not find her beautiful at all… she looks like a witch. haha sorry thats mean. i still like her though!

  3. ThisGirl says

    Hm, not EVERYONE loves her. I find her average… well, maybe slightly below. The hair is complete crap, her left eye is higher than the right (hence the consistent head tilt in every photo), very long nose, and holy freckles.

  4. Fabiola Thing says

    She is very pretty, better than some cookie cutter blond bimbo with a plastic button nose (the type clearly preferred by "ThisGirl" above), however, she is wearing makeup in the picture, just not her usual 10 tons.

  5. PineNut says

    She is wearing makeup in these photos, just not her usual volume of spackle. She is an average looking girl who removes her clothes for money. I fail to see how that equates to "classy."

  6. Mya says

    She reminds me of a young Andie McDowell.
    Very pretty without all the makeup and she does carry herself well.

  7. ebby says

    hey she look Fabulous mmkay ahahahahha i love her hair but the dress isnt that flattering yea know but everthing else is aight

  8. LaTonya says

    OMG! Dita still looks gorgeous even with the little makeup she has on. I had to do a double look..

  9. Eden says

    Dita was a burlesque performer and model. Still is actually. Those of us who are into the little more "risque" type of photography knew who she was long before she married Marilyn Manson. Dita has been the modern Bettie Page for years.

  10. Eden says

    Dita was a burlesque performer and model. Still is actually. Those of us who are into the little more "risque" type of photography knew who she was long before she married Marilyn Manson. Dita has been the modern Bettie Page for years.

    As for the pictures of her here, when you are naturally beautiful, it shows makeup or no makeup

  11. Miss M says

    She is lovely. She looks good with or without make up.
    And so what if she is a stripper? I bet she makes more money than you, Barb and for sure she enjoys her job which is the main thing, considering how much time you spend at work in your life!

  12. RHIANNA BRAIN says

    my friend one time wanted me 2 do her make up i completely stuffed it.
    l8er that night we went 2 the shops and one guy booted in the face

  13. Corey says

    Oh my god how do the gals do it i mean i cant even get a guy wen and where i want 2. but im pretty charming to my dog (he loves it)

  14. cyndane says

    tell me then, is there any part of your face that is perfectly symmetrical?

    the human face is not 100% symmetrical. even I notice it on myself, on friends and relatives. the lid of my left eye is larger than my right, and my right eye seems bigger than my left. both of my eyebrows are not 100% mirror images of each other. I’ve seen celebrities whose natural eyebrows aren’t perfectly symmetrical either. my brother’s right cheek seems a bit puffier than the left, my friend has a single lid on her left eye while being double-lided on her right…my right foot is slightly larger than my left…Tyra Banks and Nicole kidman have slightly large foreheads…Oprah Winfrey’s nostrils aren’t 100% identical…

    ThisGirl, you’re just jealous. Go look at your face in the mirror and before nitpicking on someone else’s imperfections.

  15. bettyboopalot says

    She is beautiful and burlesque dancing is an art which is sensual and embraces femininity. Would you also have a problem with a life drawing model taking his or her clothes off for money?

  16. bettyboopalot says

    I think it’s great that she can feel comfortable enough to not wear makeup 24/7 and that with or without makeup she is stunning. It’s a shame that you can’t see her natural beauty.

  17. bettyboopalot says

    I like his music but my goodness, I don’t think I could have married him! He must have some secret appeal that only Dita knew about…. although it obviously wasn’t good enough to keep her.

  18. Bella-Maria says

    Hmm, Calm down, anyone who doesn’t realize Marylin Manson is freaky is a very peculiar individual.

  19. CYB says

    Good point. Just because it is sensual doesn’t make it unclassy. It is actually very classy for being so sensual. Sexuality doesn’t always equal dirty and bad. People need to understand that and stop being so narrow-minded and conservative.

  20. Jezebel says

    I cannot wait to be her for Halloween!!! She has a intriguing beauty afar from your typical modern day actress/model. She is my fashion Icon!

  21. says

    I don’t get the fugly comments, are you people looking at a popup or something? Dita looks perfectly decent here, like a happy, healthy 30-something year old woman. Some of you have clearly been brainwashed by airbrushed magazines… get over yourselves already.

  22. jason says

    I like her but to be honest, she really is nothing without the makeup – sorry to say so. Suddenly her nose looks as it will never end. But still like the girl she understands to make money

  23. >. says

    Well indeed she has a look all her own. Classy and beautiful no one can honestly compare. If you refer to the shots of the 1940’s to 50’s women you will see what kind of beauty she is. And to those comments on burlesque, it’s not just stripping lol nor is it just naked pictures. You are on the internet. You look at porn and judge for that, smh. Not too smart. And I must drool at her jaw line heehe.

  24. Amalia says

    She is just sooooooo beautiful that marilyn manson must be crazy to not treat her like a queen and give her all of his time!

  25. stumpy says

    hello um, i want 2 give my true opinion i truly think that u dont look 2 well with the make up but u need comments like this because u can get feedbak and look betta but yeah keep it off cuz u look like a bitch

  26. marty says

    man i dont care wot all dese ova people say cuz u 2 me look like my girl so keep it goin wot u do 2 make u look like u do 2day

  27. mr mansons (insolter) says

    i agree with you amalia that dita should be treated like a queen but why was manson treated like a king he was a mr not nice guy so yeah im glad ditas happy wiv herself

  28. says

    men are so confusing and they dont know what girlz go through it just to hard some times to live in the same world as these male guys but some guy think that they are hero but they are zero. I dont like guys who go around looking for young girls to rape them but cant they get a wife of their own and have SEX with her every nite even if she got hep C aids or any disese but im glad that their are prositute cause guys can have them every night instead of little girls bye i have 2 go now.


  29. chenee says

    man u r so sxy wit make-up on but man ur ugly wit it off if i was u i would be regretting posing 4 da camera ya loser na ur so pretty wit it off i was only joking

  30. ray ray says

    man i wear make up coz boys dont like me wit out it on thats the only way i can get a boyfriend i have 1 now but he always dumps me 4 sum1 else and than when she dumps him he comes back 2 me and knowing me i always go back 2 him coz he is the only1 that i can really talk 2 i know he is using me but he is the only one that comforts me wen im up set so i think u look so gorgeous wit it off and im just so ugly you r the 1 that has everything and ya reakon you r so good coz u have everything well i dont care just coz u got wat i dont no need to rub it in c-ya i GOTTA GO

  31. Lulu says

    I have loved Dita for years. I think what she does is a far cry from what a stripper does. Not to mention the fact that almost 99.9% of the time she has tassels and a g-string on. She is a gorgeous 20s icon for the 21st century. Love her!

  32. Mina says

    much much more beautiful without all the slap. She looks so young! I never thought she was very pretty before (when saw her with all the glam on, although I admit the glam very sexy – in a iconic kind of way) but now I can see that she is actua a lovely looking woman.

  33. audrey says

    I really am not a fan of hers, mostly because of the whole 40s glam thing that makes her look old, dated and hard. She looks 1000% better with less makeup.

  34. Mamita says

    Wow, she looks so good without make up, she actually looks human!
    I love her shirt, so different!!

  35. da bomb says

    hello i think that u r so sexy and u should neva wear make up again.
    so do it girl take my words

  36. murray says

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  37. miss fab says

    u know i have 2 agree with all the people who think shes ugly also any1 who writes about their luv life has no friends i mean like doesnt any1 agree wid me

  38. chenee says

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  39. Danielle Bland says

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  40. Lita says

    It’s a sad thing when people have nothing better to do than to pick at every single LITTLE flaw that they see in someone. The way they tilt their head, their freckles on their body, how big their nose is, etc. Overall, I bet if someone saw this woman walking down the street wearing what she’s wearing in these photos with none or very little make-up on, most would be in absolute awe of her. She looks more beautiful than the average woman to me. In fact, most importantly, she looks like she actually takes really good care of herself and that’s what should matter! She should be proud and confident about how she looks and who she is. And to judge someone based on who they’re married to or seen with is a really sad thing. Guilty by association, is that the way most people see it as?

  41. Anonymous says

    she looks well tired and plain. look at the bags under her eyes! she’s only in her 20s!

  42. Anonymous says

    My god! You would not recognise her on the street if she had no make up on! She still looks lovely but soo very different.

  43. Anonymous says


  44. Anonymous says

    She not all real don’t for get she was not born with nice boobs there fake and her skin she was not born that pale but she is very pretty still

  45. Fallen says

    I absolutely love her, she is so incrediby gorgeous and I love her style. I plan on getting her pin-up style tattooed on my body. And to answer the inevitable question: Yes, I would turn lesbian just to be with her, but no, I’m not a stalker. Just love her.

  46. Bebe says

    Wow…she’s super beautiful still without makeup and she looks more like her when she was younger because there’s a pic on the internet when she was in high school and she looks like this but blonde..she’s classy

  47. Anonymous says

    Dita Von Teese is very lovely, but she is NO Bettie Page. Sorry. Bettie Page had a fantastic, phenomenal figure, and this woman does not. Again…sorry.

  48. Kyllikki Kills says

    I can’t think of a person, man or woman, who looks more than average without make-up. Dita is no exception. As for all the bashing Marilyn Manson, grow up. He’s a very intelligent and misunderstood man. No one ruined anyone. They didn’t work out and watching interviews between them it’s easy to see why. She can’t handle a joke.