Paris Hilton Strutted Her Stuff On The 2 B Free Runway

Paris Hilton wore several outfits for the 2 B Free runway show featuring the Fall 2007 collection. Click on the thumbnails below to enlarge each picture.




  1. HOPE says

    Let me begin with, " A Racist, Ignorant, Herpes-Infected 40…" After that all I can say is, someone get the Drag Queen off of the stage! Also, "BECCA", I am sure she would TRY to BUY me since I happen to be black.

  2. mel says

    silver high heels and sweat trousers just dont go together, would you honestly walk down the street dressed like that – she does look abit run down – but then I haver never liked her she sort of an nonentity

  3. josh says

    are there really anymore more comments we can

    make about this thing? really? seriously folks. i

    hope one day she gets a masters degree in

    ethnomusicology and learns to play the

    didgereedoo. oooouuuuuuoooooooooo


  4. V says

    Yea! I do think that she is a freak…and to think I USE to like her! Does she really have herpes????

  5. D.Bauchery says

    She is the trashiest heiress ever. ANd sorry – her legs look like sausages. THICK THICK THICK.

  6. Fran says

    she looks gorgeous and she can pull them clothes off, it doesnt mattr if theyre nice or not, paris can make them look good, and ye its just yu tht thinks tht her face is getting bigger and square, god everybody- just take a look at yourselves nd take as long as yu took on here to find all the bad things yu dont like about yourselves and tell me how mny yu found and we will see who won

  7. blue says

    is it me or is her face getting larger and more square as she gets older? i never thought she was really anything all that special to look at, but lately her face seems bigger and more made-up than usual.

  8. LOLA says

    why has she not been called out for being a diseased hoochie???? And a racist one at that?

  9. Laura says

    She just looks used up. I wonder how old she would look if you scraped all that make up off.

  10. ThisGirl says

    I think she looks good in the last photo. And the outfit seems cute… at least the visible parts.

  11. tyty says

    I think her partying is finally catching up to her. I agree, her face looks a bit bloated and squarish.

  12. Just saying: says