Nicole Richie Suffers From Hypoglycemia

Um… yeah! Nicole Richie’s rep has “confirmed” that the reason why she has been fainting and getting admitted to the hospital lately is because she is hypoglycemic.

It’s no secret that Nicole Richie has been in a constant battle with her health. But on Wednesday her rep revealed to People magazine the newly discovered reasons behind her fatigue: she suffers from hypoglycemia, which occurs when your blood sugar levels drop too low to provide enough energy for your body’s activities. (source)




  1. says

    I have this, Its terrible and different for everybody. Eating causes a blood suger spike thats followed by a fast hard crash.
    Nasty illness for some people, Im my case its been getting worse

  2. says

    first of all she is her own person and if people even had a life they wouldnt be obsessing over somone ealses i mean really ladies dont we all have our shit to take care of, we are all human and just becaues we know about somones issues becaues its all over the tabloids it does not give you the right to judge somone you dont even personally know. Now that is whats messed up people should be trying to save people like her, she is lost and confused in her life style back off and get a life.

  3. Zach H says

    let he or she who is without sin, cast the first stone

    think about this the next time you pass judgment on someone, celebrities included

  4. kathey c says

    she & the olsen twins look like hunched up, shriveled up , little bag ladies. what a waste of millions. they could buy and sell the world and look like all they want to do is dry up and blow away ib a puff of dust. get a grip, ladies, stand up straight and smile, for crissakes. you can trade places with me anyday !!!

  5. chooch says

    brody and dj am would poke a dirty mop standing the kitchen corner. what is it with them, greasy bear, cisco adler…… i got a lot better than any of them, couched out in front of the tube at my house, shouldnt these girls have their pick of the litter and not the mutts? it is like they are in bizarro world

  6. tara says

    I am hypoglycemic and if my blood sugar is low and I am not hydrated, I do pass out. I try to watch it, but it seems to happen to me at least once a year.

    On a lighter note, I am loving her hair.

  7. megan says

    I also have hypoglycemia…when I was diagnosed with it, I found in my research that people will eating disorders often get this because their blood sugar levels are all over the place.

  8. chicmommy says

    I knew someone who was hypoglycemic and the solution to prevent fainting is pretty simple, eat at regular intervals. Nicole looks like she probably only eats one meal a day, at most.

  9. Stacey says

    As someone who suffers from hypoglycemia, that is extremely offensive. It is not something to be trivialized.