Anna Nicole Smith’s Cause Of Death Revealed

Anna Nicole Smith’s cause of death will be revealed on Monday at 10:30 AM. Dr. Joshua Perper will release the findings and promises to have some answers. So much has happened since her death that it almost doesn’t matter. What is he going to tell us that we don’t already know? I know I shouldn’t jump to conclusions. But I can’t help but feel like the cause is pretty obvious.I am more concerned about Dannielynn. Her paternity results will make a difference in her life. Will Larry, Howard or John Doe be the daddy?

Dr. Joshua Perper has just announced he will hold a news conference on Monday at 10:30 AM to reveal what killed Anna Nicole Smith.TMZ has just spoken with Gary Bitner, the spokesperson for the Seminole Police Department. Bitner said the findings at Monday’s news conference “are going to be a significant announcement.” (source)




  1. Lisa says

    It was a drug overdose, her son had just passed and I am sure she was very depressed, but I believe it was an accident. The most important thing now is that child needs to be taken care of by someone who will LOVE and PROTECT her. This should not be about the all might $!!!!!

    God Bless You Baby Girl….

  2. april says

    i belaeave now yhe main concern & the question on every ones mind is WHO IS THE DADDY?