Can We All Chip In And Get Hayden Panettiere A Stylist?

Love the girl! LOVE the girl… but I can’t handle another Hayden Panettiere outfit.




  1. hkat says

    She is adorable even if she did take my blue Easter lily table runner off my dining room table – at 16 she has plenty of time to evolve – although the "Im gonna take a bite out of your arm" smile is a little creepy…

  2. Lilly says

    She is cute, but sometimes those outfits are just ick. Her smile doesnt look that good here either.

  3. Lilly says

    Shes the girl from the show Heroes. I know she was also on a soap when she was younger…I just cant remember what soap it was. Guiding light maybe.

  4. sandman says

    how old is she?
    i need to know if my boner is legal or if i should turn myself in to datelines catch a perv.