Sanjaya And His American Idol Mohawk!

What can I say? Who saw it? I already forgot what he sang (or what everyone else sang for that matter). Wowza… I am trying to find a picture. Gimme a few. I can’t even take it!! ahhahahahaha
UPDATE: I found a pic! Now I am looking for a profile shot…

UPDATE – had one!! Hahahahhaha

Love It Or Hate It: Purple Shadow

Life and Style Weekly’s April 9th edition will feature purple shadows as the latest trend for celebrities. Do you use this color on a daily basis? I like how each of these women look with it and might have to consider making a purchase. I am much more of a green / brown kinda girl.

Wynonna Judd Files For Divorce

Just hours after it was released that Wynonna Judd’s husband was arrested for sexually assaulting a 13 year old, Wynonna posted on her official website that she has filed for divorce.

Wynonna Judd today filed for divorce against her estranged husband, D.R. Roach, citing irreconcilable differences. Roach was arrested on March 22, 2007 in Abilene, TX and charged with three counts of aggravated sexual battery against a minor.
“I am obviously devastated. Our family will pull together, begin the healing process and hopefully – by the Grace of God – become stronger. We will move forward with our faith, family and our friends to find resolution to this difficult situation,” Judd said.
Roach had been seeking treatment for drug and alcohol addiction at the Shades of Hope Treatment Center in Buffalo Gap, Texas since February 21, 2007.
The couple was married in November, 2003.

What a terrible, TERRIBLE thing to go through. I feel absolutely disgusted for that child and her family and I wish Wynonna the best during this trying time.

Oh Sanjaya!!

Sanjaya should win American Idol after seeing this! Hilarious!!! Thanks David!

Afternoon Flava

Wynonna Judd’s Husband Arrested For Sexual Assault On A Child

NO! I LOVE Wynonna Judd! What a terrible thing to have to go through. Wynonna’s husband has been arrested for sexual assault on a 13 year old girl. Disgusting!

The husband of country singer Wynonna Judd was arrested March 22 in Texas and charged with sexual assault on a child under the age of 13, a Taylor County Jail spokesperson confirmed to The ShowBuzz on Tuesday.A spokesperson said that a warrant was issued in Tennessee for Daniel Roach (aka D.R. Roach) and that he’s being held on $750,000 bond.
Roach was Judd’s longtime bodyguard before he married the singer in 2003. Judd was previously married to Arch Kelley, they divorced in 1999 and have two children.

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Mind of Mencia: Season 2

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Twin Peaks: Second Season

The body of a young girl (Laura Palmer) is washed up on a beach near the small Washington state town of Twin Peaks. FBI Special Agent Dale Cooper is called in to investigate her strange demise only to uncover a web of mystery that ultimately leads him deep into the heart of the surrounding woodland and his very own soul.

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