Sarah Michelle Gellar Busy At Work

Here are some shots from Sarah Michelle Gellar’s latest completed movie, Suburban Girl with Alec Baldwin. It is based on the book ‘The Girls’ Guide to Hunting and Fishing’ (which I haven’t read but heard it was great).

A Manhattanite book editor (Gellar) finds her take on the game of romance changed after she lures the attention of an influential older man.

Sarah has two really interesting films in the works – Alice and Addicted. To see more pictures of Miss Gellar, click here.




  1. Cosmo says

    Hehe, he looks so funny and she looks too cute hangin on him like that. Ew IMO girl, work it. lol.

  2. booyah says

    He is waaaay too young to play the part of the writer in that book. eek if he is playing her brother and she is hanging on him like that! Great book!