Do You Think Madonna Is Waiting For A Phone Call?

Three phones (or is it two phones and a Blackberry)? Madonna was not messing around as she made her way into her gym.
UPDATE: Thanks to the eagle eye of my readers, I now know that it is a phone, Ipod and Blackberry. They need to come out with something that consolidates!! :) Thanks DirtyRottenGossip and Karen!!




  1. Karen says

    The one on top is a blackberry sort of thing,the middle is an iPod, the one on the bottom looks like a phone.

  2. Lily says

    Haha! The first is a blackberry, the second an iPod, the third a Razr. I may or may not have the same three in my bag at the moment.

  3. Elijah says

    Ipod phone comes out this summer…but Madonna is one of the so called lucky few t be already gifted with one by Apple!

  4. herbiefrog says

    …something that consolidates…

    …arent you guys nearly there?

    thats pretty superficial#


    v little energy these days

    but we have been calling both of you ?

    could use some hedpl