Rosie O’Donnell Defends Alec Baldwin’s Outburst

“I have to admit I have cursed at my kids sometimes. Honestly, you know, I’m like get the (expletive). He’s very much of a tortured father who feels alienated from his own child. When he was doing Broadway he flew out one day a week. He’s trying to connect to this kid.”
“(Basinger) defies a lot of court orders for him to visit the child, which I think is making him crazy. Not that that’s an excuse. He actually did go to therapy. All the things that Kim asked him to do, he did. He went to anger management. He went to – ” but if she – ” (Basinger) defied all the court orders.”

If you have been living under a rock and haven’t had a chance to hear what Alec Baldwin said to his daughter on a voice message, click here. Otherwise, leave a comment and give your opinion on this matter.




  1. Miss M says

    There is no winner in this situation, only losers, Kim for leaking the tape, Alec for leaving such message in the first place and the child for missing out meeting her dad.
    I can see both sides here, he was clearly angry and disappointed and probably fed up with the whole situation, but he should not have spoken to his daughter like this. He should have given himself half an hour, calmed down from his initial anger and THEN made the phone call. But hindsight is a great gift 😉

    I feel very sorry for his daughter. Again, her relationship with her divorced father has been dragged into the lime light and even worse, she has to thank her mother for this.

  2. chloe says

    I am worried about how the child is doing in school. I bet everyone is teasing her over this. Kim and Alex should be ashamed to humiliate there daughter like that.

  3. DK says

    I am appalled at the comments of others defending Alec Baldwin! There is NO excuse for his language and tone. Absolutely NO excuse. She is 11 YEARS OLD. He supposed to be a role model for his child. I understand a parent losing their patience with a child and using an unattractive tone, but this goes WAY BEYOND acceptable. I have also been on the receiving end of voicemails by a parent. They are very damaging and I was an adult at the time, not 11 years old. I am sorry for his child.

  4. Donna says

    My father and mother, at one time or another, often lost their temper and patience with my sister and I and use to say things, which included "straightening our asses out". Sometimes there would be curses. Once they cooled off, they were sorry. They would apologize and we would talk about it as a family is suppose to do. Whoever leaked this tape to the media, overstepped boundaries. This was a private family matter between Mr. Baldwin and his child. Mr. Baldwin has stepped up to the plate and expressed an apology to his daughter and to the public. Who are any of us to judge other people when we have probably done the same thing?

  5. pajac says

    All I gotta say, that little girl is lucky she gotta a cell phone and a daddy who can afford to fly out to see her the same day. Girls can be worse than boys, I know I grew up with a sis, and we got spanked when we needed it and our parents lost their cool with us plenty of times when we were misbehaving. We turned out great (or so I think) we both love our parents dearly and appreciate the fact that were raised with love, respect, discipline. More than i can say for Hollywood and the type of spoiled brats they are raising.There are no perfect parents.

  6. GirlGlobal says

    Right. there are no perfect parents and shame on the media for covering this useless "story"

  7. Melanie says

    This is a case of how NOT to handle a divorce with kids. I think Kim leaked this to the press to get the world on her side, but she looks even more like an ass than Alec. Now this little girl has to go to school with everyone knowing that her father called her a pig!

  8. d. c. says

    And with that allocade you can imagine what she says in front of her adopted, troubled children if that is the case. Idiot abusers flock together. He should have just said in a soft tone, I miss you., love you. I will call back and hope to see you soon.

  9. You are obsessed says

    another pile on Rosie item. Tough to imagine that she might be right, as she knows like many of us that this has been a long standing war. Kim is the ex from hades and she has shown her backside in this move. If the kid loses her father she will really be messed up, as her mother is a loon.

  10. Maria says

    I do NOT agree with what he said to his duaghter BUT I also do NOT agree that this tape was leaked out. What kind of mother would do that? This matter should be between the 3 of them. I do HATE how when there is a divorce the father always is made out to look bad. It must be frustrating for a father to not live with their child – the mother ALWAYS has the upper hand and I think some mothers use their children against their ex-husbands which is DISGUSTING!

  11. sally says

    the only thing worse would have been if he called her a nappy headed ho faggot…then he would have been crucified

  12. Rose says

    Oh as far as teaching a child, no he did not teach her very well in that ONE message, but what is Kim teaching her about being there to receive his calls and behind the scenes. All we know is one taped call being leaked out of many days of many years.

  13. MIchelle says

    I consider myself a fantastic mother, but thank God angry words I have shared with my kids were not splashed all over the internet.
    All parents make mistakes with their kids.
    I believe he is trying.