Hilary Duff Looks Annoyed And Tired

The paparazzi followed Hilary Duff for quite a while. The amount of pictures I found in this set was alarming. So it makes sense that she wasn’t too thrilled in any of the shots.




  1. pokin hot :) says

    She luks gud!Wat d hell iz wrong with u?Of course every1 has flaws.Look at u!R u 100% pretty?If u tnk dat u must b craze.WAT IF SHE LUKS TIRED AND ANNOYED?Ya,maybe at ye all fuckin paparazzi nd u kno we all av probs.U can`t luk barbiesque,perfectly groomed,smile(even if u try fakin it) nd generally not steppin a foot out of place.Dunno why celebs r expected 2 b like dat?Coz dey r human as well ye kno 😉 and she manages to do a great job so leave Hill alone!

  2. says

    Wow, she looks very pretty even without makeup. I keep liking her more and more. She seems like an actual real person compared to some of those crazy celebs.

  3. audrey says

    Stella unfortunately the lights and cameras in movies and on tv demand a lot of makeup to make your features pop. And in magazines even the most gorgeous women are photoshopped to take out the tiniest imperfections so that we are so used to seeing flawless that when we actually do get to see them without makeup they look pale and rather ordinary. It can be a startling difference sometimes.

  4. lizbeth says

    i feel so bad for her. i mean, she dies her hair ans loses weight and the world goes berserk and calls her anerexic, and a slut, and all she wanted was to change her image so that she looked like the grown up she is. why does teh paperazzi find that so hard to accept?