TV’s Top Ten Most Annoying Personalities

Netscape came up with a list representing the top ten most annoying TV personalities. Let’s see if you agree with their choices:
10 -William Shatner
9 – Billy Bush
8 – The Hoff
7 – Rosie O’Donnell
6 – Donal Trump
5 – Kathy Griffin
4 – Nancy Grace
3 – Ryan Seacrest
2 – Joan Rivers
And the number one most annoying tv personality is….
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Bill O’Reilly
I could have come up with some better choices than those…




  1. hjo says

    what about Paris Hilton, Lindsay Lohan, K-Fed (is he a celeb?), Nicole Richie, ETC ETC ETC!!!!

  2. SarahS says

    Bill Shatner and The Hoff have no place on this list – okay, I think you and I have the same cheese discerning taste!!! I think they are hysterical.