Virgie Ordered To Pay $3,000 For Wasting Court Time

I reported this morning that Virgie Arthur filed an appeal to keep Larry Birkhead in the Bahamas. Well, the court didn’t like her “weak” case and actually forced her to pay $3,000 in expenses for wasting its time. Birkhead was interviewed shortly after and said, “I’m happy because this is nonsense really.” Um … YEAH! Does Virgie want to be part of Dannielynn’s life or not???




  1. hkat says

    HA HA that awful woman – Thank God that in this case it is actually a GOOD THING that Grandparents are not legally entitled to custodial rights when there is a surviving parent – I am happy the courts recognize what a FURRRRRRRREAK she is! Nice Phil Spector hair by the way-

  2. mesays says

    I sure hope Virgie gets to see that grandbaby. After all she is the grandmother and hope Larry will let her see the baby. You know she will love her grandbaby and hope she gets visitation rights.